Hire that man!

This is… inspired.


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  1. Cojones

    Thanks to your reference yesterday, I visited earlier today. Someone got their drawers in a twist after Saban entered the picture.

    Really small time and full of shit, Urban is. All the double speak to the public looks more like him treating others two-faced. But the jewel was the message from his wife. Both she and Urb well complicit as hell in this matter, including the coverup..

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    • Macallanlover

      One of the first things my wife and I discussed when this story broke last summer. Both were fully involved (and a university employee) and knew the whole story, starting with the time at FU. And both should have been fired, and would have, had they not been at a university so fully “all in” as ohio is. Sucky situation, like Auburn, only them who couldn’t see the steamy mess this was. Yet, everyone backed away from their responsibilities. It may be be what keeps him away from USC, their whole board will not turn their backs. Not saying he won’t take that job, but it will get messy; why would anyone won’t to repeat that public argument.

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  2. truck

    The least they could do is let that guy teach a class on ethics.

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  3. ugafidelis

    Natty and it’s not even close.

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