Oh, what a tangled web we leave…



Just leave the damned bottle on the table.


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10 responses to “Oh, what a tangled web we leave…

  1. Malcolm X

    Wow. Nick Saban sounds like a responsible and intelligent employer.
    A rational diplomat. No sarcasm.
    And Urban Meyer is proved to be a lying, devious turd.

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    • Derek

      “I really never did ever offer this guy a job.”

      “I’m not going to be the Alabama coach.”

      “Jonathan Taylor’s admission was an academic decision.”

      Fuck that guy.

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  2. I’ve listened to Zach smith’s podcast a bit. It is at times an interesting look into the sport from a coaches perspective but I also get an overwhelming sense the guy is a habitual liar who sees reality as a malleable tool to meet certain ends. Who knows what the truth is.

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    • California dawg

      I think habitual lying, or bending the truth, is as common in college recruiting as it is in politics. This is not to excuse Zach Smith, who’s an unhinged, abusive dbag of the highest order. He’s fueled by spite and rage, so he might vomit up the occasional kernel of truth here and there, but I’d bet my 401k most of what he says on his podcast is grade A bullshit.

      The texts are pretty fascinating. You can tell Urban was terrified the moment the story broke.

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  3. Derek

    The Jonathan Taylor situation shows that nick does his due diligence on violence against women issues.

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  4. Salty Dawg

    Juicy! Not that it matters that much now, but still fun to find out the stuff the cracks were made of (football wise)! Plus, I always like to hear Courtney’s perspective too.

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  5. What’s more on-brand: Wolken completely flubbing the story, or Urban lying through his teeth?

    And again, I’m just going to keep saying this: when Zach Smith kills someone, no one gets to act surprised.

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  6. Doug

    Nick Saban offered me a job, but I’m not making any decisions until I talk it over with my girlfriend, uh…my girlfriend, Morgan Fairchild! Yeah! Yeah, that’s the ticket!

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