Jim, you’re not in Athens anymore.

Jim Chaney is asked a question and gives an honest answer.

On the idea of coaching around the offensive line:

“I don’t think it’s possible. I don’t believe it’s possible. I don’t think you can coach around your offensive line. Football’s been a game played on the line of scrimmage for a lot of years. At Purdue years ago, we threw it all the time and everybody says, ‘Well, you’re doing that to bypass your line.’ We had a lot of linemen go on and play in the NFL. We weren’t winning the game because of the lack of the line play. We were winning because of the line play. We were just doing it a different way. It’s hard to hide if you’re deficient on the offensive line. It’s difficult to do. I think it’s virtually impossible at times. My anticipation is that our kids are going to go out there and compete. We’re going to be just fine. We’re going to go get better as the season goes on and continue to develop. And hopefully everything will go our way.”

At least until he got to the last sentence.


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12 responses to “Jim, you’re not in Athens anymore.

  1. Greg

    he has a long road ahead of him…..just glad Pittman did not go with him.

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    • Texas Dawg

      Pittman came to Georgia because he and Chaney are friends. He is staying at Georgia inspite of Chaney leaving, because he was handed the genie lamp that made all of an O line coaches dreams come true.

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  2. Spike

    Is he trying to convince himself? Or us?..


  3. Jim

    To me his love to UT was a combination of not getting the warm fuzzies from Kirby (how many times did we see Kirby chew him a new one on the headset last year), apparently Jim and his wife have a vacation home near Knoxville and This is probably the last job he will have before retirement in a couple years. And he is being paid very well for all of the above. I’m guessing he will do his best but won’t sweat it when the going gets tough (which it will)

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    • Anonymous

      Chaney didn’t care that much about “not getting the warm fuzzies”. He knows it is his job to take the ass-chewing. Going to work for Pruitt will not be an improvement on that front especially with that offensive line. It was well known that he is going to retire in a couple of years and that the move was solely so he could stockpile some extra cash for retirement.


    • Macallanlover

      Isn’t his daughter still in school at TN? Plus, they had friends there from the last time around. And then there are those extra sheckels he will have to ply with because Kirby didn’t want to pay that much for his services. Hope he does well against KY, Vandy, and Mizzou; and especially well against FU.


  4. Granthams replacement

    See UGA offense circa 2016 for a clearer explanation

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  5. W Cobb Dawg

    I don’t see this going well. Offensive line is only one of their deficiencies.
    They also don’t have Chubb, Michel, Swift, Holyfield, 5-star players like Eason, Nauta, Hardman, Godwin, Wilson, etc., not to mention a coach-on-the-field like Fromm or HotRoad as kicker, etc. I imagine the first thing Jim is noticing is the dearth of talent and depth. Oh, and everybody up there is expecting Chaney to be a cross between a guru and savior.

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  6. Pedro

    I just pray we keep pit boss happy. There is no reason for him to move from a monetary or lifestyle perspective, and as far as I have seen we have made Athens a very compelling place to stay. Tennessee is in a good spot with their current line coach, but I wouldn’t discount his relationship with Cheney either.