Speaking of line play

Part of me wants to cringe a little listening to Jordan Rodgers here…

… while another part thinks, “you know, he’s got a point”.


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3 responses to “Speaking of line play

  1. Legatedawg

    What fun it will be on 11/9 to see the Toothless Ones carrying a 13-0 lead into the 4th quarter on the road in Lexington, only to blow it when Chaney has their O curl up into a ball like a big fat armadillo and the ‘Cats manage to strike for 2 TDs and make the extra points. Even more fun: they get rolled by Mizzou and Vandy the following 2 weekends and someone asks Phat Phil on TV if he still thinks that November is “our month.”


  2. practicaldawg

    Put another way, he’s not wrong


  3. Macallanlover

    Very equal battle, just as it was in 2017, and 2018. Almost a tossup to me, but agree that UGA has improved more since those games, I would call it a slight edge. Wish JR would not stir the pot on it though, love being disrespected and place in the underdog role. (I do think Bama was the better team last year, but we did outplay them in Atlanta until Walker went out. Even had we won, we were too banged up to win the playoff, imo.)

    Is this the same Jordan Rogers who entered 2018 with a weak opinion on Fromm? Seems he has reconsidered those comments, wonder why?