Throwing darts against the wall

Stassen has now tracked thirteen of its fifteen sources for its preseason consensus chart and Georgia is still firmly ensconced in third.

And if you look closely, you’ll find a reason why Florida rates so highly — there’s no other team that the pundits congregate around for that eighth spot.  There’s a big gap between the Gators and seventh and there’s a big gap between the Gators and ninth.  It’s basically process of elimination; somebody’s gotta be eighth.

When college football is top-heavy, as it is this season, everything outside the top sixth is basically a crap shoot, anyway.


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4 responses to “Throwing darts against the wall

  1. W Cobb Dawg

    “Throwing darts against the wall”

    Bama 5th?! utk 15th?! Some of those picks were throwing stuff against the wall, but it wasn’t darts.


  2. Macallanlover

    Makes sense. FU may end up that high with their schedule, but I wouldn’t bet that. Very little difference in that 7-20 range but a leaky/iffy OL is enough to turn me away from them. 9-3 or 8-4 is still my guess, if they stay healthy. Miami looks weak at QB but the defense may keep that one close, and low scoring. I wouldn’t call for the outright upset but I am considering taking the points before I know anything about fall camp.


  3. Pedro

    I want to see how Florida plays against Miami before I make a judgement on the o line. Remember just two short years ago going into 2017 everyone was willing to right our line off. New starters, a small left tackle, lack of physicality in 2016. For me the off-season is not the time to make those judgements. I don’t believe the Florida hype, but I am also not willing to concede that there isn’t room for improvement in year two into a system.

    On a similar note I had an Nd buddy tell me about how weak our receiving core is. I gave him similar advice to probably reserve judgement until the season. In my mind I was thinking what about two upper class men burners in drob and Simmons, four 6 5 guys a couple of which can also burn, 2 5 star freshman Not to mention the high upside others says that it is a weakness. I will reserve judgement myself, but I can only see a plague of the dropsies limiting this group.


  4. Morris Day

    Counting flowers on the wall…