Big shoes to fill

Best channel your inner Larry Munson as you read this:

It won’t get attention, but Georgia is replacing long snapper Nick Moore. Scott Fountain, the special teams coach, was on the upper field with two of the candidates for the job: Mercer graduate transfer Steven Nixon and freshman William Mote from Spain Park in Hoover, Ala. Georgia also lists redshirt freshman Payne Walker and true freshman JC Vega as long snappers.

A graduate transfer and three freshmen — looks like Coach Fountain’s got his hands full.


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12 responses to “Big shoes to fill

  1. Texas Dawg

    Nobody ever notices the long snapper until he screws up then EVERYBODY knows his name.

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  2. W Cobb Dawg

    So that #3 ranking ISN’T justified!?

    Some pundit needs to make himself/herself useful and do a story on the returning long snappers.


  3. Spike

    Sorry to see Nick Moore graduate. A really nice and smart young man. I hope he makes it with the Saints! A DGD!


  4. All of you guys are spelling it wrong … it’s long snappah.


  5. stoopnagle

    Yeah, in a big game and you short snap it to the punter so he has to kneel down to get it and his knee hits the turf… it’s the little things for sure.


    • I think that’s a dumb rule. As long as punter is “in the box,” he should be able to field the snap and kick the ball whether the knee touches the ground or not.

      Of course, I think this is one of the rules the NFL gets right. You should only be down by contact regardless of the circumstances.