Today, in football season can’t get here fast enough

This ain’t good news.

Sophomore linebacker Brenton Cox has been dismissed from the Georgia football team, sources confirmed to UGASports Monday.

The dismissal occurred Sunday, those same sources state.

Head coach Kirby Smart has yet to comment on the decision, although when defensive coordinator Dan Lanning was asked about Cox Monday, he deferred the question to the Bulldog head coach.

Although it’s unclear what the dismissal was for, Cox was facing a possible suspension following an April arrest for a misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

I sure hope Johnson and Smith are ready to go for the opener.





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45 responses to “Today, in football season can’t get here fast enough

  1. SlobberKnocker

    Well damn.


  2. Russ


    Next man up.


  3. Russ

    We’ll face him at Auburn next season. And I can’t wait to hear the Daily Gator tell us how it’s all falling apart under Kirby.

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  4. Greg

    Oh well, next one up. Also seemed to be a hot head, can remember that little sideline skirmish with a teammate last year….Walker I believe.

    Probably end up at Auburn.


  5. Dawgwood

    Damn! I was listening to 680 the Fan, and Buck had breaking news about him. Thought it would be suspension news since that comment Coach Lanning made, but not this!


  6. The Truth

    As talented as Cox is, I’m gonna take a “one bad apple…” view on this one. Weed aside, some of the “stuff” surrounding Cox last year, including on-field altercations with teammates and their subsequent take on the situation lead me to believe he, quite literally, couldn’t get with the program. Everybody’s got to be on the same page to win it all.

    Good luck on the plains, Brenton.

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  7. stoopnagle

    Mark Richt has lost contr…


    • Athens Townie

      I could very well be proved wrong, but I’m not as worried about this as I would be at other positions or with other players. I think we’ll miss JJ more from a purely football standpoint. Cox had a little to do with weed and a lot to do with buy in.

      One of the biggest differences in the Smart era is culture and accountability. When your bench is this deep, you can dispense of a player who doesn’t buy in. That’s an indirect but important benefit of managing the roster the way Kirby does. Richt rarely had much room to maneuver and more often had to take what he got from his players.

      Good luck, Brenton.

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      • Cojones

        To everyone’s chagrin here, Richt kicked’em out the door faster than Smart. That was one of the big bitches by anti-Richt fans. If you want to go and add them up, then have at it, but you sure should have gotten that message long ago if you followed the Dawgs.

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        • Ldawg

          Richt’s zero tolerance policy didn’t start in earnest until he started getting heat for not winning championships and pattern of losing big games.

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      • RG

        Yea you just forget. Selective memory bud. Richt kicked em’ out faster than anybody.


  8. Biggus Rickus

    It’s one of the deepest positions on the team, so if there was a place to absorb a loss like this, it’s there.

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  9. Dawglicious

    Why does Auburn get their own special transfer portal?

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  10. Corch Irvin Meyers New USC Trojans Corch (2020)

    He’ll be riding the Gus Bus for sure. Oh well. We will endure.


    • UnderDog68

      If he contains the edge at Auburn like he did here, no great loss….And we will gash the edges when we play them, too.


  11. Bright idea

    Those who observed him closely in HS won’t be surprised. Nothing changed I guess.


  12. Chi-town Dawg

    Any rumors on what got him booted so fast?

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    • Starbreaker

      Apparently couldn’t get with the program (not doing the work), got passed on the depth chart and went off on a coach (presuming Lanning).


      • Chi-town Dawg

        Thank you


        • UnderDog68

          That’s what I am hearing, too. He didn’t take too kindly to the coaches riding him in practice and told one of them to frick off. That probably was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak.


  13. Harold Miller

    This is not an unmitigated disaster. How many teams could lose a guy of the caliber and be able to say that?


    • McTyre

      Forgive me for nitpicking on “caliber” a bit. Cox was a very highly rated talent, but his physical attributes clearly weren’t translating into on-field production and there were also signs he was not taking coaching and accountability from player leaders. Yes, Butch Jones’ 5-Star hearts comment was misplaced, but many fans struggle to understand the human factor impact on how far physical attributes will carry a player. We won’t miss Cox anymore that one should miss the girlfriend or boyfriend who broke your heart: you can’t lose what – as events laid bare – you never really had😬


  14. Classic City Canine

    Cox, Fields, and Eason….that’s a lot of 5 star talent to go through without making an impact.


    • Xon

      My thoughts on that (not being internet jerk, just spitballing):

      Sure, in the abstract. But Fields and Eason are QB’s. You tend to have one QB and as long as he’s healthy the star rating of the backups isn’t going to affect the team much. Certainly if Fromm gets hurt, then the fact that we don’t have Eason and Fields competing to be his number 2 ready to ride in to the rescue would be an issue. (But I mean, again, it’s QB: the best QB’s in the country aren’t going to deliberately wait around their whole career hoping they get to come in when there’s an injury. So if your plan is to have 5 stars all the way down the depth chart at that position, then your plan is flawed. Your plan always has to be hope QB1 doesn’t get hurt, and if he doesn’t, hope you’re lucky with who your QB2 is. Having Eason and Fields as QB2s the last two years was quite lucky, but it obviously couldn’t continue. Clemson and Alabama aren’t being downgraded because they don’t have 5 star backups at QB.)

      As for Cox, yeahhhhh that’s not great. Though, again, if the reason is that he couldn’t get with the program, then the truth is he wasn’t going to pan out as a 5-star on-field contributor anyway. So this is basically just a recruiting miss, and those happen. We also got a ton of other 5-stars, which is why it’s good to be king. Now, at Florida, if they lose a 5-star — and not for his bad attitude, but for theirs! — then they go down to . . . checks notes . . . zero 5-stars on their roster. Now that’s a time to freak out! But why am I reliving May when it’s August?


  15. Brandon M

    Why would he go to the plains where he’ll have to sit a year when he could go home to Ohio with his buddy and get immediate eligibility? I may be in the minority that thinks we will be better as a team without him. How many times in the SECCG last year did Hurts break contain to his side and beat us after Walker had to leave? He was always trying to make the hero play instead of doing his job for the team. Next man up.

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    • If he’s been dismissed, he doesn’t have to sit out a year.


      • 30904Dawg

        Depending on the reason for the dismissal, he might not be allowed to transfer to an SEC school per conference rules. Either way, it doesn’t matter; he isn’t here anymore.

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      • This is what’s wrong with the dismissal/transfer rules. A player who is 105 miles from home doesn’t qualify for a hardship transfer, yet a knucklehead who gets kicked off his team can get immediate eligibility at another FBS school.

        Did that rule change because I thought Trigga had to sit at Auburn (or was that a conference rule)?

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      • Argondawg

        If he has been dismissed for disciplinary reasons then the NCAA givhing him a transfer waiver is highly unlikely. If that was the case players would just push until they got dismissed and pop back up wherever they want. I am for letting kids transfer wherever they want to go but I doubt he gets a waiver. Just my two cents. BTW he is in the portal.


  16. Granthams replacement

    Wherever he ends up just run wide to his side every play.

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  17. spur21

    If you’re not going to help row the boat – get out and swim.

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  18. Cojones

    Wasn’t he also disciplined by running the stands? You would think that he got out of the dawg house and would have learned a little discipline. He must have gone off against a coach and anyone doing that has a fast way out before he spreads his discontent among the team and the recruits. That kind of problem is cancerous and different from a bad apple.

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  19. Texas Dawg

    We may never know the whole story. What you can gather from this is that Kirby has his standards and your star rating does not protect you from your misdeeds. I hate to see a kid screw up and not realize his potential, but if he is a bad apple, you do just what Kirby did and cull him from the barrel lest you spoil the whole barrel. No player is larger than the team as a whole. This is when we see the luxury and advantage of the insane level of recruiting that has been done over the last couple of years. You lose a 5 star and have multiple 5 stars or at the very least high 4 stars waiting in the wings for their chance. Losing any really good player hurts, but with this bunch the healing will occur rapidly.


  20. Godawg

    Everybody is saying Auburn but I’ll bet he ends up in Knoxville.


  21. practicaldawg

    Next 5* LB up


  22. Derek

    I was watching a video of Lanning putting that unit through drills and Cox stood out. Kid is a beast. Seems to also be a bit of an immature head case.

    Hope he gets it together somewhere.

    One advantage of having a deep bench of five stars is that you don’t have to cater to any of them.


  23. Cojones

    Who recruited Cox and who signed him? Where do his personal loyalties lie and will he follow a coach from UGA at another school? Those questions could point the direction he may take, if not the JC route to get back into things. If he has an attitude problem, from where does he think it stems? If he can’t admit that he has precipitated his own dismissal, his attitude won’t be any better wherever he goes.


  24. WNCDawg

    If Cox had a attitude in January and problems with Beal, did the discipline and could not fit into a technique player. Signs should had RedFlags before now. Kid may have immense talent but if they do not adhere to basic fundamentals. Coach asks a kid repeatedly to fit in the scheme, if you can’t listen and don’t play with discipline with in the scheme and gets put in with second group and still doesn’t listen then it’s akin to the Fields transfer minus law. You got to be able to manage the playbook, offensively or defensively. PERIOD !
    Exceptional talent on the high school level can win you games but in college it’ll get you beat. See SECG 2 years in a row plenty of talent traces of no discipline.


  25. artful codger

    Don’t know why, but my browser has been getting hijacked sometimes lately while reading GTP comments. And won’t refresh back.


  26. CB

    Completely unfounded rumor, but I heard it was suggested that he move to DE and he wasn’t having it. I’d also predict that he lands at tOSU. That’s where all the “experts” thought he was going in the first place.


  27. ciddawg

    We did not need another Natrez Patrick situation where we get in the crunch of the season and he gets suspended…
    Hope he gets it together but file this under:
    Kirby sez…
    “you may not learn but you will be taught”…