Your Daily Gator is calm, cool and collected.

Alligator Alley is having its now-usual freak out over Georgia leading for a south Florida kid in the 2021 class, but one of the site moderators has a few words of wisdom to calm the waters.

Not a take. UF has higher on the board. Stars don’t matter.

If well-placed sarcasm can calm the waters, that is…


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10 responses to “Your Daily Gator is calm, cool and collected.

  1. “UF has higher on the board.”

    I guess Kirby got a picture of Dopey Dan’s recruiting board.

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  2. kckd

    My favorite thing about these posts is the “Catch-22” that they can’t seem to see. “We need to beat them so can we can get these top notch recruits so we can beat them.” If can beat us without them, why the worry and melting?

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  3. W Cobb Dawg

    These fu fans fail to understand the hold Lake OxyConee has on their coach.


  4. addr

    Oh, it gets better. Farther down in the thread, in response to why UF can’t seem to attract attention from highly rated prospects in their own backyard:

    “Because Kirby puts that relentless effort that Dan talks about into practice and his staff out-works every staff in the country when it comes to staying on top of recruiting, with dynamic personalities to match. We’re on the opposite end of the spectrum on both counts.”


  5. Dad's Saturday Night Jeans

    Reminds me of UGA fans back in the 90’s when the best players in GA were being gobbled up by UT, UF, FSU and Auburn.

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  6. Spike

    Suck it Gators..


  7. Cojones

    The fact that no fans or pundits have a handle on why they are so bad at recruiting now is that much more fun for us. FU, with no clue, means Fl players will continue to stream north to graze in higher meadows. Their best player loss math overall is greater than 10-3 and I would love to see a recruiting site add them up and where they went.

    The fact that no mid-course correction is in sight at FU means that many more for us to win 2021. Alligator Alley fans are better than run-of-the-mill fans that I usually speak with over a mug of suds.

    Meanwhile, on another front, the septa- and octogenarian’s walker club is getting together in anticipation of the girls that wash windshields at the Lowes and the Walmart malls. Some club members have eyesight/drivers license problems and we are looking for pickup truck owners to induct as new members, that way the older farts can ride in the back and don’t lose out to the only sex they get before going out in a flash. If you don’t take care of older fart’s needs, you don’t have a workable society. Stay tuned.