Anonymously talking shit ain’t what it used to be.

I gotta say Athlon’s annual “SEC Coaches Talk Anonymously About Conference Foes” is a pathetic shell of its former self.  The snide knife sticking has disappeared (I’ll always maintain Tuberville’s departure from Auburn as the primary cause), only to be replaced with observations either so bland that you or I could have come up with them just by reading a few preseason preview articles, like this incredibly keen insight into Auburn…

“There’s more pressure at Auburn than maybe anywhere else in the SEC because Alabama is your in-state rival. But this isn’t really the season to make a call on Malzahn unless the wheels completely fall off.”

… or stupid enough that you don’t need to read anything to know better, like this statement about ‘Bama:

“I think the coaching staff was an issue last season. The turnover at coordinator and some of those position guys, maybe Saban underestimated that impact on the players.”

Saban’s team went 14-1.  The only loss came to a Clemson team that was at least as talented on paper.  Yeah, that’s some serious underestimation going on there.  I’m sure the coach who said that has room to talk about Saban’s management skills.

I don’t know if this comment about Tennessee qualifies as snark, but at a minimum, it’s kinda sad.

“They just need to get to a bowl this year and beat Vanderbilt and Missouri and the conference teams who aren’t as talented on their rosters. Just show that the plan is working long term.”

Now there’s a low bar for the Vols.

Up your game, Athlon.

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  1. T

    I don’t think the Bama comment is off track.

    CU is the only game Saban has gotten his shit kicked in at Bama (astounding they hadn’t lost by >14 pts in 10+ yrs).

    Knowing what we know about all the departures, along with Saban’s track record, seems possible that turmoil played a big part. We know what staff issues did to UGA in ’15 – I buy the argument that it wasn’t just a routine ass beating.