Have clickbait, will travel.

Chip Towers may have changed his digs, but not his approach.

Although I have to admit the tizzy he’s probably stirred up at StingTalk would be fun to read.  If I could, that is.  But I digress.


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  1. Russ

    He’s trolling the Jackets as much as anything. He does point out that we’re already crowded with 5* OLBs and that Cox was practicing with the 3rd team. I sort of wish he would go to Tech, though it won’t be in time for me to watch Swift run by him repeatedly.


  2. addr

    As always, Betteridge’s Law of Headlines.


  3. Apparently, his mother tweeted that he was not kicked off the team.


    • TJD


      And me & Emma Watson both agreed it’d be best to see other people.

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    • Cojones

      Is a 5* worth the acrimony and team dissention that comes from that?

      The first news we got was that he was kicked off and comments referred from Dan to Kirby. Don’t remember Kirby saying anything. Next, he’s in the transfer portal. When you are kicked off, aren’t you a free agent who can’t use the NCAA transfer portal because you are not transferring from a team? Transferring from where? You aren’t a member of the institution any longer. If you are kicked off the football team and you are on athletic scholarship, then you are no longer a student athlete, correct? Unless you enroll again, but as a student you can now transfer from school to school without going through the portal, amirite?

      I’m confused, but I’m not alone in my confusion.


  4. Bulldog Joe


    Georgia Tech does a good enough job of trolling itself – the landmark in its logo is being removed from campus.


    • Otto

      I had high school clasmates there when that thing was built. They hated it and voiced it in the school paper.



    F the AJC


  6. Buddha

    “Why stay with the old fat chick in Athens when the new hotness is in Atlanta?” LMAO!


  7. Terry Crews

    “He has a minor pot possession. That is a ticket in Atlanta.” LOL
    Just create a fake account and join sting talk