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This’ll get your attention.

Check out Georgia’s SEC 2020 opener.

I don’t think Kirby will have any problem getting folks fired up for next season’s start.

Also, you’ve got to hand it to the conference — if one of its powerhouses has to lose a game, better to do so early.


UPDATE:  Here’s the complete schedule.

Credit where credit is due:  there are only two cupcakes on that schedule.  Well done, folks.



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Updated Games of the Year lines

For your Dawgs, from Westgate Casino, via Phil Steele:

  • Georgia -11.5 against Notre Dame
  • Georgia -7.5 against Florida
  • Georgia -4 against @Auburn
  • Georgia -13 against TAMU
  • Georgia -25.5 against @GT


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Your 8.7.19 Playpen

So, a couple of weeks ago, Andy Staples delved into a serious philosophical issue.

I’m pretty much with Andy on that, although I grudgingly suppose others mileage may vary.

Then came this wrinkle.

I had to object.

Your chicken chatter is invited in the comments.  Dig in!


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“The answer is unknowable.”

I gotta tell you, as a Georgia fan, there are few things more enjoyable than a look back at Tennessee football over the last decade, starting with those memorable fourteen months (was it really that long?) of Junior.

Those were the days, my friends.


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When it comes to stupidity, the NCAA is a bottomless well.

Mark Emmert’s organization, putting the loco in in loco parentis:

The NCAA issued a memo to agents Monday, outlining new certification requirements to represent players testing the NBA draft waters.

In the memo, obtained by ESPN, the NCAA outlined new criteria for agents: a bachelor’s degree, NBPA certification for at least three consecutive years, professional liability insurance and completion of an in-person exam taken at the NCAA office in Indianapolis in early November.

… Agents also will need to fill out an application and clear a background check.

What having a college degree has to do with being able to guide a college player through the draft process I have no idea.  But I don’t think that’s really the NCAA’s primary concern here, or even its secondary one.

Here’s a hint:  In the application, sources told ESPN, agents are also required to agree that they will cooperate with the NCAA in investigations of rules violations, “even if the alleged violations are unrelated to [their] NCAA-agent certification.”

Yeah, that sounds more like it.  I suspect it will also help future opportunities if, as an agent, you don’t try to push all your college clients into jumping pro early.  Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, and all that.

This is an invitation to yet another antitrust suit.  Too bad dumb isn’t a source of energy.  If it were, the NCAA generates enough to power a small city.


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Your Daily Gator wants to keep things straight.

This is fine.

According to documents provided to Swamp247 by the University of Florida Police Department via an open records request, Huggins was twice referred to UF’s Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution department for separate incidents that occurred last fall. One reportedly involved Huggins putting his hands around a tutor’s neck.

A UF spokesman told Swamp247 on Monday the team has known about both incidents for a while. Mullen also clarified when asked on Tuesday that Huggins’ current absence is not related to those incidents.

“These are all incident reports that we were aware of last football season,” spokesman Steve McClain said.

Added Mullen:

“No (it’s not related). No, that’s all been handled.”

Hey, I can sympathize.  After the second or third time, it’s got to start blurring together a little if you’re not careful to keep every problem organized.


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“Something’s gotta be done.”

“The NCAA, they run these commercials about student-athletes,” Edsall said as his Huskies began their August training camp last week. “It ain’t a student anymore. It’s just athlete.”


Edsall played quarterback at Syracuse in the late 1970s and has been a head coach for all but one season since 1999. He said the time demand put on players and the amount of money generated by college sports has evolved to make the old system “archaic.”

“When I played, you played 10 games. You were home for Thanksgiving. You weren’t there in the summertime,” Edsall said. “Now the demands are [higher] and the money is available.”

It really isn’t that difficult to acknowledge that times have changed, and changed for good.  Well, unless you’re Mark Emmert.


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Fool me once…

This, on the other hand, is nothing but pure preseason happy talk:

Georgia football senior receiver Tyler Simmons confirmed what everyone has long suspected and offensive coordinator James Coley strongly implied on Monday.

“You’re going to see a completely different offense this year, and it’s really going to be fun,” Simmons said following Tuesday’s practice, the first of the fall in full equipment. “It’s going to be an exciting offense, and I’m hoping everybody will enjoy that.”

Simmons needs to work on his presentation a little, though.  Missing is some mention of an intention to throw the ball more to the tight ends.


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At the border between preseason happy talk and Dawg porn

Georgia offensive linemen swear Jordan Davis “… is in the best shape I’ve seen him in right now.”


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