Updated Games of the Year lines

For your Dawgs, from Westgate Casino, via Phil Steele:

  • Georgia -11.5 against Notre Dame
  • Georgia -7.5 against Florida
  • Georgia -4 against @Auburn
  • Georgia -13 against TAMU
  • Georgia -25.5 against @GT


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19 responses to “Updated Games of the Year lines

  1. Greg

    Notre Dame surprise me (oddsmakers), did not think they would see it that way….but I do, probably 14 or more. Gonna have a tough time with our speed imo.

    On a side note, noticed the other day that only 4 of our 16 recruits are from the great state of Georgia. Too much talent in the state.

    Hope that is not opening things up for others (Tech, Auburn, SC).
    Could see GT really taking advantage of this if the trend continues.


    • Cojones

      Yep, the talent’s here and it previously was a side sport for schools like Bama and FU to take more than they could use in order to deprive UGA of players. We don’t need to follow that path. Some players are good, but don’t fit our scheme as well as others; i.e., the RB that may be headed for FSU – we aren’t mentioned as one of the many teams, including FU, who need him. In this case I’m happy he may be close to home and not in Hogtown.


    • 1smartdude

      It’s not the number of players from Georgia on the team that’s a concern, it’s the number of TOP players from the state not on the team. In a nut shell, the problems we’ve had along the defensive line could have been solved if we had only secured the home town talent. Last year, Georgia missed on more top state talent players than I can remember in decades. Kirby’s ability to recruit outside the state has nullified a lot of those misses, the DL not withstanding, but my concern would be, what happens when the shine wears off and you need those in state guys. Seems like I remember a “we’re going to shut down the state” mentality which has never taken place. It’s extreamly difficult to find any fault with recruiting, given the talent accumulated, but I expected those in state guys to finally develop more loyalty with Smart’s recruiting ability. I find it strange that it hasn’t happened.


  2. Spike

    Hubba hubba!


  3. Russ

    Those are stupid odds. Glad I don’t bet. And on what planet is Florida better than ND?

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  4. practicaldawg

    Wasn’t it like -4 against UF a few weeks ago?


  5. Cojones

    Like flies to honey, those odds will pull me in earlier than I expected. Obviously, the line favors FU’s record last year, but we know they were lucky in 4 of those games with two of them being squeakers of great fortune. Not many are looking at FU’s players that are available and the great possibility that no adequate replacements will spell their doom, especially against UGA.

    Both Aub and FU are like maple doughnuts ready for the taking. Those odds will drift up through the season and be blown away the first game those teams have a problem.


  6. stoopnagle

    I would lay points for all of those save Auburn and A&M.



    I say we cover 3 of the 5

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  8. Hobnail_Boot

    That GT line is only going to grow. It’ll be around -38 at kickoff.

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  9. Harold Miller

    I was going to say the Tech line looked a bit low.


  10. Mayor

    At Mizzou is the game that worries me.The Dawgs will kick ass on these teams—with the possible exception of Auburn.


  11. If I were a betting man, that Fech line should be easy money.


  12. illinidawg

    A happy sad day. I got my season tix but that’s it, no more.