Dabo ain’t salty no more.

TFW you have played ‘Bama — and won.


UPDATE:  More shade.

The funny thing is, stuff like that is only going to endear Dabo to the Tide faithful when Saban does retire and ‘Bama goes shopping for a replacement.


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20 responses to “Dabo ain’t salty no more.

  1. Spike

    Nick Saban doesn’t have time for this shit..


  2. That ACC grind is a murderer’s row, Dabo.

    I can’t wait to see how bad the ACC Network ratings are for football season.


  3. RangerRuss

    I reckon he feels as if he’s earned the right to talk shit. He’s still a goober and clemson sucks. That’ll never change.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    Some bulletin board material for A&M I guess.


  5. 92 grad

    Dabs kind of has a point, but only on the surface. Anyone that has a brain (nobody in the media because they need to bait everyone) understands that its not the game, its all the work the team has to do to prepare to play a ranked opponent every week. It’s not that Alabama blows everyone out in conference, its that they work hard enough every week to make sure that they are prepared. Stupid Clemson can sleep walk, half ass prepare for teams with no depth and the other half prepare for the post season. Not even Alabama can waste time looking ahead to the post season, but Clemson can. Even if they lose a game, they probably have a 99% win probability in the ACC championship joke of a game.


  6. Hobnail_Boot

    Senator, did you see Swinney’e comments about not giving Kelly Bryant a championship ring?

    I like Dabo, but he pretty clearly thinks his opinions are more important than reality would suggest.


  7. Go Dawgs!

    Soybean Wind.

    I guess ol’ Dabo has forgotten escaping from Kyle Field in Jimbo Fisher’s SECOND GAME EVER with a two point victory. I forget what conference A&M represents, but whatever. Also, someone must have made a bad Wikipedia edit because Dabo says they won every game by 20, but this game log shows them only beating Syracuse at home by four points, a year after getting curb stomped by the ‘Cuse.

    Other than that, who did you beat in that grind of an ACC schedule? NC State and Boston College? Well, my hat is certainly off.

    Nobody would say that Clemson wasn’t the best team last year. At least, I certainly wouldn’t. And, frankly, they ate Alabama’s lunch in the national championship. They outcoached Saban at every turn and their players outplayed Alabama. I don’t think it had anything to do with the SEC slate that Alabama had to play. I do think that if Alabama had come to play with a better game plan, things may have been a little different. However, it’s undeniable that Alabama had a much tougher road to get there than Clemson did. Against SEC competition, Clemson either got pushed to the brink of defeat against A&M or got lit up for 35 points and only pulled away in the 4th quarter against South Carolina. They tripped up against Syracuse. The rest of the ACC was a tire fire last year. So… count your blessings for being the only legitimate football program currently in the ACC.


  8. TN Dawg

    The SEC is better top to bottom than the ACC. For that matter, a case could be made that the Big Ten is as well.

    With that said, that does nothing to change the fact that Dabo and Co. stomped a mudhole in Saban’s ass last year and things are now settled on the field as they should be.

    With the CFP, the time for speculating about who could beat who is over. It’s hard to make an argument for how ‘Bama was tired because of the grueling SEC slate when the entire season was littered with sports commentators waxing poetic about how Tua was gonna win the HT without ever playing in the 2nd half of a game.


  9. JCDawg83

    When you win you can say whatever you want. Dabo never met a microphone he didn’t love so you can count on much more coming out of his mouth.


  10. Cojones

    If ‘Bama’s SEC schedule was that overwhelmingly tough vs who Clemson played, the injury list should show a dif and should favor Clemson. That’s the only unleveling I can see between end of season and playoff games that both teams experienced.

    Did ‘Bama have more injuries at key spots than Clemson due to ‘Bama’s tougher SEC opponents ? If not, there is no kickback about Clemson eating ‘Bama’s lunch in the NC game.

    All hail the National Champ of CFB: Clemson.


  11. Milledge Hall

    Dumbo was trying to get ahead of the criticism of Clemmons 2019 schedule.
    Charlotte and Wofford are on the schedule. Only Tejas AM non-conference challenge for them. The yard chickens should not challenge them.


  12. Boz

    I must have missed the “they were tired” meme.

    Bama’s gonna Bama, but their biggest hurdle, year in and year out, is the turnover in staff. Dabo’s greatest success is the consistency he’s achieved with his coordinators sticking with the program and all rowing in the same direction. These guys have prepared for Bama 3 years in a row. I don’t know that any of Saban’s crew were on board for the 2017 Clemson game.


  13. Mayor

    Dabo isn’t going to T town. Why would he?


  14. jt10mc (the other one)

    Yaba Daba Do really thinks the ACC is a tough conference? Politics.


  15. Macallanlover

    I don’t know that Clem was the best team, but they were certainly one of the 5 best, imo, and did what they had to do in winning the MNC. It isn’t Clem’s fault that FSU, Miami, and Va Tech have become mediocre, but Dabo is on quicksand when he pretends he his schedule is as grueling as someone coming out of the SEC. Not only are there more quality teams, you get hit every week by better, faster, stronger athletes; and that takes a toll. I wouldn’t say Bama was tired for the MNC game but they were tested by more teams weekly than Clem has ever faced in any one season. Mentally, and physically, that can wear your down and drain you.

    I also don’t think Dabo will leave for Bama when Saban steps down. You have to say that he has done a spectacular job and secured his legacy in Clemson; why would he risk that for a no win proposition in Tuscaloosa. Seems too smart for that. We really need for a challenger(s) to emerge in the ACC, they are the weakest conference by far. That doesn’t mean an unbeaten Clemson shouldn’t get a spot hen they go undefeated but it certainly makes for a very un-level playing field compared to each of the other three spots. We need to get to eight, soon.