Danny White cannot fail. He can only be failed.


Gawd, I wish he would ($$).

Now UCF has gone 25-1 the past two years, and no one wants to schedule the Knights in a neutral site game or a home-and-home. White wants to schedule two Power 5 teams a year in the non-conference, and he has those slots filled for this season, next season and 2022. But he has struggled to find takers for future years.

“We have a really hard time scheduling because we’ve gotten pretty good,” White says. “The teams that have played us in home-and-homes in the past are now more hesitant to do that, and I get that. If we try to have a conversation six, seven, eight years down the road when there are a lot of other options, the conversation is going to end pretty quickly. We’re not going to get anybody to agree to play us when there are other options.”

White doesn’t blame Power 5 schools for not engaging UCF about home-and-home series. “I understand why large-budget, huge fan base football programs don’t do a lot of home-and-homes,” he says. “I wouldn’t, either, if I was in their shoes. They’re making too much money off home games.”

White says he won’t short season-ticket holders — UCF has less than 100 season tickets remaining for 2019 — by playing payday games at Power 5 schools who won’t make the return trip to Orlando. He intends to schedule seven home games a year. Does that mean the Knights won’t have a chance to make the Playoff? Absolutely. But White believes that no matter who UCF schedules in the non-conference, the Knights won’t have a chance to make the Playoff. Going through the past two seasons undefeated and being given zero consideration for the Playoff has crystallized White’s mindset as it relates to scheduling: Don’t schedule to try to get invited to a party that you’ll never be invited to anyway. 

Nothing like preemptively nuking any effort to ramp up your program’s scheduling. What happened to the days when Bobby Bowden would schedule any and all comers anywhere to get respect for his program?  Hell, White’s whining makes Boise State’s efforts just a few years ago look quaint.

If there’s any justice in life, one day Gus Malzahn is going to have to answer for not having his team prepared to play Central Florida.


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20 responses to “Danny White cannot fail. He can only be failed.

  1. mwo

    I have a poster of that meme on the window by my desk. Just go away already Danny!


  2. Bigshot

    Danny White won’t short-change his fans home games, but UGA will. Only 6 home games next year instead of the normal 7.

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  3. stoopnagle

    IDK. I think he’s right: nobody of consequence needs or wants to play them, they won’t get consideration for the CFP anyway, so make sure you get home games. Seems sensible to me.


    • Got Cowdog

      He can’t have it both ways, but he’s cutting off his nose to spite his face. He won’t take his team to P5 opponents to showcase it without reciprocation, and no P5 wants to play UCF at home. Soooo… Danny and the gang get to continue on kicking ass in A ball. NO PLAYOFFS FOR YOU!
      Gus should have kicked their ass
      Florida should have given them a home and home
      Didn’t CMR get us beat by these guys a while back?


  4. The Dawg abides

    Hell, it’s gotten to be he point where I really want to see them in the Big 12 just so their record will reflect the mediocre program that they are, and to shut White’s mouth. Maybe that’s been his strategy all along.


  5. Bulldog Joe

    Sit 4 hours on wobbly-ass sheet metal on a late-summer central Florida day?

    Sign me up.

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  6. Go Dawgs!

    Wait…. what? “UCF has less than 100 season tickets remaining for 2019”?? So you mean to tell me what he’s got a 45,000 seat stadium and he can’t even sell out his season tickets before August 8th? And yet he thinks he can throw his weight around and demand home and homes with that kind of tepid fan support?

    Power 5 teams do home and homes a lot, Danny. They just don’t do them with teams who play in Vanderbilt’s practice facility. We don’t short our ticket holders, either, which is why we don’t go places where a full third or more of our road fans can’t fit in. Florida has thrown you the biggest of bones, you’d better take them up on it.

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    • Go Dawgs!

      Also, sorry, Danny but you didn’t deserve playoff consideration off of your resume the last two years. Now, if you went out and beat an ACC or SEC team in their building along the way? Maybe so. But Danny White reminds me a lot of a guy who knows he’s holding bad cards and doesn’t want his bluff to get called. Scott Frost is gone. UCF isn’t going to be the team they were two years ago. So he just wants to agitate and make noise and keep the rabble roused in Orlando as long as he can so he can sell as much of the stadium as he can for as long as he can before they fade back into mediocrity.


    • stoopnagle

      I get that it doesn’t matter, but UCF’s stadium has a slightly higher capacity than Vandy’s stadium. And it’s a different situation, but we’re only getting 5,000 tickets for Texas’s ~100k stadium, so a tenth of UCF’s seems generous. Plus a lot of traditional powers like Tennessee aren’t selling out season tickets this year – that’s why they’re doing the Tech electronic ticket for a different seat every game deal. We’ve all read on this very blog that attendance across all of CFB is waning.

      I get that we’re all supposed to bash on UCF because they aren’t in a P5 and their AD is being a nuisance – but he’s just doing his job the best he can. If I were a UCF alumni or fan, I’d be supporting him.


  7. Bright Idea

    How big is their stadium? In that entertainment mecca fans may wish to follow their team there but couldn’t get a seat.


  8. JTPruett

    They only allow 4,000 seats to visiting fans in a 45,301 seat stadium. THAT’S why no one will go there.

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  9. Cojones

    They don’t deserve to be talked up.


    • Macallanlover

      True, he gets way too much “ink” for a mid-major with a big mouth and illusions of grandeur. If he wants respect, he should try the Bobby Bowden/Boise method of earning it. Take your self proclaimed champs on the road and prove you can hang with multiple challenges in games that actually count…in one season. Why would anyone waste one of four precious playoff spots to prove you wrong when you won’t go on the road during the season to show you deserve one? Guy is a tool, and hurrts their cause. Entitlement baby, imo.

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  10. PTC DAWG

    Gas Bag


  11. Russ

    I was glad to see a dispirited and injured LSU squad beat their ass last year. Auburn should have done the same.

    UCF needs to STFU. Florida was going to play them in an Orlando stadium that holds 65k instead of 44k their “stadium” holds. That would cover all the UCF fans and Florida could get enough for their fans to attend. Even if it was 50/50, that’s basically enough to cover UCF season ticket holders. Danny White is full of shit.

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  12. Mayor

    White’s right about this. He’s FOS about a lot of other things but he’s right about this.


  13. “Hell, White’s whining makes Boise State’s efforts just a few years ago look quaint.”

    We want to be taken serious! Ok, travel to UF. No. Ok. Got it.


  14. The 984

    Alabama just scheduled a 2-1 arrangement with USF like three months ago. So it’s not like P5 teams won’t go to mid majors. It just had to be worth it financially.


  15. Isn’t this the ad who wants to schedule power 6 conference games with the university of mars….