Nothing but the best

If the SEC ever decides to ditch its current “It Just Means More” marketing slogan, may I suggest Seth Emerson’s ($$) one-liner“Tradition takes a backseat to convenience”.  What it lacks emotionally it more than makes up for in accuracy.


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  1. Go Dawgs!

    I no longer have a subscription to the Athletic, but I assume this is about playing Auburn on October 10th next year, about which I am completely livid. I require no further justification to want Greg McGarity fired, and fired yesterday, and this complete disregard for the traditions of our school.

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  2. Cojones

    What prevents us from changing it back? I know, I know- the SEC, but why the gnashing of teeth for something we sat by and watched with a nodding of understanding? If the reasoning was flawed and we bent over without so much as a peep at the SEC level, hell we are guilty of not giving a shit.

    Those remarks aren’t toward those who complained mightily here; it’s for those of us who accepted the reasoning(?) back then. I, for one should be trying to figure out where to get it righted back to Nov. tradition for those fans who understood and complained back then, but I was complacent with the logic told from on high and didn’t join in the challenge.

    Where do we go from here? Schedule two home and homes in Sanford and rectify the schedule between the two schools by appealing to fans from both schools to play in Nov or are we the only ones butthurt by this change in tradition?


    • Cojones

      Answer is that we wanted this and it seems that Smart, AD and President gamed for the move after Auburn proposed it last October. That was when Michael took me offline and out of full communication until Jan of this year. I was trying to keep up through a library due to loss of infrastructure, so survival mode kicked in and I missed the better part of last season, including this gem in traditional change.

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  3. rugbydawg79

    At least if they turn the fire hoses on us again… it won’t be freezing.


  4. Dawgoholic

    Don’t mind this move with Auburn. Game will be “bigger” and get us more national attention as Auburn will not have 3 losses already. Losing tradition sucks but Tennessee in November probably helps us too.

    Now I am firmly against moving UF out of Jax. Got to keep some traditions but I don’t mind losing the tradition of one of the teams usually having 3 losses by the game with Auburn.


  5. Dawg19

    I think the B1G and Big 12 beat us to this slogan already.


    • Macallanlover

      Yep. Perhaps not literally, but that conference definitely abandoned traditional classics on the field.