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When one door closes…

And before you ask:

He will need an NCAA waiver to be able to play at the school of his choice in 2019, if not he will have to sit out a year at the school of his choice before being able to play on Saturdays again due to NCAA transfer rules. He will be able to practice with the team during fall camp and the reminder of the season despite not being able to play unless that mentioned waiver is grated.

I’m sure Grantham will work his magic with him.



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Haterz gon hate. Except when they don’t.

When y’all get done crapping on CFF for underrating Georgia’s roster, you might want to take a gander here.

With the season fast approaching, we wanted to look closely at our preseason numbers to find favorable odds on some college football futures before the season gets underway. Below are our five favorite bets to target before kickoff on August 24th.

Georgia to win the SEC (+275)

With all of the hype surrounding the returning talent at Clemson and Alabama, Georgia feels like a distant third in most preseason power rankings and an afterthought to win the SEC title. Similarly, Jake Fromm has flown a bit under the radar when discussions on the top echelon of quarterbacks occur. This may be an oversight, as his 2018 production ranks well among returning quarterbacks in the Power 5 conferences. Among this group, he had a top-five passing grade and threw an accurate throw on 67.1% of attempts which ranked second. Defensively, the Bulldogs lost DeAndre Baker but Eric Stokes appears ready to step in and be the dominant shutdown corner this team needs. Their schedule sets up as well as can be expected, and after tough road matchups against Florida and Auburn, a clear path to the SEC title game emerges — a game in which they’ll very likely face an opponent against whom they’ve had success the last two years.


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The NCAA, and the law of unintended consequences


I think we can all guess what happened, but if you want a likely explanation…

Results of this study demonstrated a relatively modest effect of that ruling in reducing weekly head impact burden during the preseason (− 2.2%) and the unanticipated effect of increasing the total head impact burden by over 25% across the entire preseason. This was likely attributable to increased contact intensity (impacts per hour) during the 2017 preseason, resulting in a greater number of preseason head impacts over the same number of preseason team contact practice sessions.

In other words, coaches compensated for the elimination of two-a-days by amping up the intensity of the practices they had.  Hey, nobody saw that coming, right?

The great thing about this is that the litigation threat isn’t going away, so the NCAA is going to have to take another stab at fixing the problem.  Lather, rinse and repeat for the win!


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The Only Guy

This is the best story I’ve seen on Georgia’s quarterback battles over the last two seasons.  In particular, 2018 sounds like a frustrating experience for several.

In private, though, those closest to Jake could tell he wasn’t entirely thrilled with the arrangement. He felt that leaving the game intermittently messed with his rhythm, and at a certain point, he thought he had played well enough to end the competition. “He was definitely frustrated at times,” says Woerner, Fromm’s fishing buddy, who’s a tight end on the team. “He felt like he was doing all he could, and Justin would still get reps. [Jake] is a competitor. He wants to be The Guy.”

… With Fields pushing him, Fromm improved across the board as a sophomore, throwing for 2,761 yards, 30 touchdowns and a 67.3% completion rate. But Smart continued rotating in Fields all the way up to the SEC championship game, a rematch against Alabama. The stakes were high—win, and Georgia would make the College Football Playoff for a second consecutive season—and Fromm played a great game, throwing for 301 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions. But on fourth-and-11 from midfield with 3:11 to go in a 28–28 game, Smart subbed in Fields, who had taken three snaps all day. Emerson Fromm compares it to benching a hot three-point shooter. “Would you pull Steph Curry out?” Emerson asks. “He’s just hit four threes in a row, and you pull him out with three minutes left to go? I just think…. Hey, coaches get paid big bucks to figure that stuff out. It’s just, I’ve never seen a two-quarterback system work.”

Lined up in punt formation, Georgia snapped to Fields on what appeared to be a designed run, and Alabama swallowed it up immediately. On the next possession the Tide scored the winning touchdown.

In the aftermath, Fields and his father reportedly had multiple meetings with Smart. “Justin was definitely frustrated,” the coach says. “He wanted to play. He was the eager freshman, which is probably the same way Jake would’ve been with [Eason], if he hadn’t been playing.”

I give Kirby some credit for how he managed the situation.  It’s gonna be inevitable when you recruit highly rated quarterbacks in successive years that there will be tension over playing time, but it doesn’t appear to have bled over into the team’s chemistry in any serious way.

Still, I bet Smart doesn’t mind taking a break from that particular balancing act this season.


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Friday morning buffet

Sprinkled with Georgia practice notes, for extra flavor!


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Your Daily Gator has cultural issues.

Not good, Dan.

Coach Dan Mullen says the University of Florida does “a lot” when it comes to educating its players on how to treat women. Mullen insists he’s a “big anti-violence against women person.”

Both of those are true, but Mullen’s message is not getting across in Gainesville.

Reports that sophomore defensive back John Huggins was accused of choking a tutor in October, and allowed back on the team, is the fifth time in the last year a member of the Florida football program has been accused of violence or threatening violence against a woman, including an assistant director of player personnel, who was fired.

Mullen hired or recruited four of them. That, combined with Mullen’s past, has activist/survivor Brenda Tracy questioning how serious Mullen and the university takes these allegations.

“Dan Mullen obviously does not get it,” Tracy said. “He says he takes these issues seriously but he doesn’t. Mullen has done a poor job. This obviously is a leadership issue, possibly a recruiting issue. These are some pretty violent offenders.”

You know, this kind of stuff (and worse!) never really got the media’s attention back when Huntley Johnson was on the case.  Maybe Mullen needs to recruit better lawyers.


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Is Dabo really that smart?



I mean, there’s general smart and then there’s “smarter that Finebaum’s audience” smart.  I know Dabo’s cleared the latter low bar.  Aight?


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Today, in “I heard it on the Internet, so…”

Man, the number of people who owe Georgia Southern quarterback Shai Werts an apology after mocking the kid for being arrested for having a substance on the hood of his car that field-tested positive for cocaine…


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Musical palate cleanser, from Athens, Georgia edition

From 1983, here’s R.E.M.’s first nationally televised appearance, on Letterman.

So much to love here, from Letterman waving the vinyl around, to the lo-fi look (twin Rickenbackers rule!), to Stipe’s full head of hair.  Oh, yeah, and the music, of course.

Man, those guys could rock.  (Also, don’t miss the Herschel Walker reference.)


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