Is Dabo really that smart?



I mean, there’s general smart and then there’s “smarter that Finebaum’s audience” smart.  I know Dabo’s cleared the latter low bar.  Aight?


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23 responses to “Is Dabo really that smart?

  1. 92 grad

    One of the main reasons I quit paying attention to nascar is that the media decided to dedicate 90% of its coverage to drama. He said, she said, this guy said, what’s your reaction? It’s just noise.


  2. Granthams replacement

    Apparently college football is supposed to be like mighty mite soccer, everybody gets a trophy 🏆.


  3. MDDawg

    What’s the general consensus here? Do people other than Finebaum ,who’s obviously stirring the pot for his own benefit, think that Dabo is wrong? Didn’t Bryant leave the team as soon as Lawrence was named the starter?

    If he’d stayed on the team and not played in anymore games (to retain that year of eligibility), then he’d deserve a ring. But as I understood it, he wasn’t participating in any football activities. Not practices, workouts, team metings, nothing.


    • MDDawg

      Having said that, I just read a post on Rock M Nation which stated that several boosters received national championship rings for last season. I think the goal here for the university should be intellectual consistency in their decision making regarding who does or doesn’t get a ring.

      I can only guess that the reason some boosters got rings (if true) is that they contributed to the success of the football team. If that’s the bar, then Bryant certainly cleared it by his participation from the offseason through the first 4 games. But whatever the metric, it should be applied evenly across the board.

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      • Jared S.

        I’m guessing certain boosters were given an opportunity to purchase their own rings identical to the team’s rings.

        I think that happens all the time.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    And Bryant missed that fine banquet at the white house.


  5. Finebaum, IMO has now treaded into Jerry Springer – Maury Povich territory. I think many of his regular callers are on his payroll, and much of his show is scripted. They look for anything about Dabo that they can let Jim from Tuscaloosa rant about, or drunk Larry laugh over, which will get the Gumps listening and calling in.


  6. Derek

    For such slight skinny guy, Paul carries a LOT of water for Nick Saban doesn’t he?

    If there was a coach whose unfair antics would cost him on the recruiting trail, it would be Saban. Yet, it hasn’t and I don’t recall Paul trying to suggest otherwise.


  7. Macallanlover

    You quit your job and lose those stock options, months later the company gets bought out, or discovers a cure for cancer, are you entitled with a do-over? Wish Kelly Bryant well at Mizzou except for his game against UGA, but that was his decision so he has to own what the consequences are. He certainly knew they were in contention. He also has a ring from two years prior. At some point, we have to stop trying to side with every sad story when adults make decisions and they don’t all go well. Save the pity for really sad stories, plenty enough of those.

    Is FBomb stirring the pot for ratings interest? You bet. Is he doing so because Bama may benefit on the recruiting trail? Probably, wouldn’t be the first time this ulterior motive raised its ugly head. Being a TN grad he should spend more energy helping them, there are more sad stories coming from Knoxville than Tusky or Clem these days.


  8. 81Dog

    Peak Finebaum has always been about rubbing two idiots together and making a conflagration. Bryant didn’t get hurt. He didn’t get cut. He quit. I don’t begrudge him doing what he thought was best for himself, but he did what was best for him, not for his team. When you quit, that’s it. Why would he get a ring? Even if Dabo wanted to give him one, or the team voted to give him one, why would he want it?


  9. jhorne2000

    Obviously none of this is a big deal will be forgotten about in a day or so but …

    Surprised Dabo couldn’t see the value in honoring Bryant’s contributions to the team in the first 4 games. Stupid line to hold.


  10. Biggen

    I’m ok with what Dabo said. Why does Bryant deserve a ring??


    • Because they probably lose in College Station without him …

      I don’t care whether he gets a ring by the way. I want to see the pot stirred, so Dabo has something to deal with off the field instead of preparation for the season.


      • Brandon M

        To be fair, even if they lose in College Station, they still cakewalk through the ACC and get to the playoff. Bryant quit the team mid-season. I wouldn’t have given him a ring either.


  11. 3rdandGrantham

    I’m honestly surprised anyone is even talking about this. For me this is really, really basic common sense; in no way should Bryant be given a ring, and Dabo made the right call (a really easy one at that). He quit the team about 25% of the way through the season and went elsewhere. Pray tell why he should be rewarded for that with a ring? Yet, some are acting as if he merely got hurt and missing all those games was out of his control.


  12. HiAltDawg

    Maybe Dabo should give him a fake ass ring for not sticking around and being a cancer. Ain’t like a certain team gave dudes a free trip to Nawlins that didn’t want to play or were on the way out (How did that work, again?).

    And apparently it IS affecting recruiting because Dabo has his best class ever lined up.


    • Texas Dawg

      I’m sure ole Danny White down at UCF could direct him to where he could get a fake ass championship ring.


  13. Ben

    I can see both sides of this issue, and I think both sides have valid points.

    That said, I still don’t like Dabo at all. I don’t like his “aw, shucks” schtick, and I think his brand of Christianity and baptizing players on the field is harmful. It makes me wonder how he might have treated a guy like Musa Smith a few years ago.

    Most of all, though, I think he’s a hypocrite signing that big ass contract and then saying players can’t be compensated.


    • HiAltDawg

      If Preacher Coach had baptized players at practice, Athens would have lost their goddamn minds. Hell, he caught flack for going to the pool during Camp, lol

      And, how would Musa be treated now with the story about his Dad?


  14. stoopnagle

    Dabo is a clown, but I think he’s on solid ice with this one.