Musical palate cleanser, from Athens, Georgia edition

From 1983, here’s R.E.M.’s first nationally televised appearance, on Letterman.

So much to love here, from Letterman waving the vinyl around, to the lo-fi look (twin Rickenbackers rule!), to Stipe’s full head of hair.  Oh, yeah, and the music, of course.

Man, those guys could rock.  (Also, don’t miss the Herschel Walker reference.)



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12 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, from Athens, Georgia edition

  1. scottrollins

    I saw them give a free concert at Legion Field my freshman year,1983. I got hooked on them that night.


  2. Silver Creek Dawg

    I saw them in 1983 at Hanner Fieldhouse on the Georgia Southern campus. They played a concert after a basketball game.

    Left the concert thinking, “Those guys stunk. They’ll never go anywhere.” Clearly I recognized musical talent at age 13…

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  3. WCH

    Legion Field, Spring Qtr 1982…Jason and the (then Nashville) Scorchers opened…. Chronic Town had just been released…bought it immediately at Wuxtry
    Man those were some heady days!


  4. stoopnagle

    Godfathers of Alternative


  5. Mary Kate Danaher

    Great stuff, Senator.

    Always loved when Letterman had bands on his show, particularly the way he obsessed over drums:


  6. Comin' Down The Track

    I miss them.

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  7. Chi-town Dawg

    If those guys ever have a reunion tour, I’d pay UGA Rose Bowl type money to buy a ticket! Like others, saw them at Legion Field my Freshman year in 1984 and subsequent years until the university stopped allowing them to play.


    • Ricky McDurden

      I’d take out a second mortgage on my house if Sanford Stadium ever hosted a twin billing of REM and Outkast reuniting.


  8. cltdawg

    This was the album that turned me on to the Athens sound as a sophomore in HS. I loved these guys back when they were on I.R.S. records – Sony…not as much.


  9. Ken Wilkinson

    Made my day. New Year’s eve at the church. And then again and again at Legion Field, Chameleon’s/Leon’s until it burned down.


  10. sectionzalum

    Greatest. Album. Ever.


  11. TimberRidgeDawg

    Those were great times to be in Athens….

    Radio Free Europe had been released a single and was just starting to get air play in Athens in 81. I think the first time I heard it might have been in The Odyssey. Up until that time, Athens had been known primarily for the B-52s. Who would have known that R.E.M. would outstrip them as one greatest Alternative bands of all time?

    LOL at the Herschel Walker mention…