A hype is born.

George Pickens, ladies and gentlemen.

Talk about putting a pass where only the receiver can get it, that’s the extreme version.


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31 responses to “A hype is born.

  1. sniffer

    Welcome to Georgia, Mr Pickens. We’re glad you’re here..


  2. Salty Dawg

    Whoa! Excuse me for a minute…


  3. That GIF was truly Dawg Porn.

    Kirby had some good things to say about the receivers and Zeus yesterday.


  4. 92 grad

    Jeebus, the velocity on that ball……


  5. MDDawg

    I’m gonna need a cigarette…


  6. Pedro

    Stetson Bennett to o line “see how I did that”

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  7. practicaldawg

    I like how he catches footballs


  8. Mg4life0331

    My nipples are erect

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  9. Greg

    Agree, but it also takes two to make a play like that work. It looks like Fromm and Pickens have been working on their timing/routes & chemistry a lot together. We are lucky to get Pickens, hope the two can do this in a game…..my guess is, they will.

    Georgia scrimmaging against Georgia gets you acclimated quickly.


  10. J-Dawg

    Pawwwwwl & Herbie,
    Be prepared to get on the DAWG bandwagon. Laura Rutledge, go back to gator-town; you’re nothing but eye candy anyway.


  11. doofusdawg

    watching Dom’s reaction.


  12. Sanford222view

    Sweet sunshine in the morning! Maybe the A.J. Green comparisons aren’t that much of a stretch.


  13. Otto

    The WR position is getting the talk but with Pickens, Cager, and DRob being healthy i am not all that concerned.

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  14. Turd Ferguson

    I’ve heard several people, some of whom have seen him practice, say that he’s like a midpoint between Julio Jones and A.J. Green in terms of size, athleticism, and skill set.

    And I really hope the nickname “Easy Pickens” catches on.

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    Has hands like magnets

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    • Obviously the defensive player had no ill will to entirely defend that pass play…had it been a different opponent, different result…although i will agree, truly an athletic effort…now i must see the off the score board, between the legs, one handed tip to the tight end , who slipped it to the holder under his jersey, back to rodrigo for the winning 3 pointer as time expired in the seccg 2019….