The ring’s the thing.

Man, who’da thought Clemson players not getting their national championship rings would be a trending offseason topic?  What a time to be alive!


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4 responses to “The ring’s the thing.

  1. Those guys did something (or had something done) to make them ineligible. Using the Kelly Bryant standard, they shouldn’t get rings either.

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    • Anonymous

      The Kelly Bryant standard is that if you quit the team and unenroll from the school, then you are not eligible. I’m not saying these guys deserve rings since they were suspended, but they were at least there helping in practice every day. Kelly took his ball and went home.


  2. Coach Swinney

    We told ’em to cycle their Ostarine only 12 weeks. Some people can’t follow simple directions.


  3. MDDawg

    I don’t understand why they’re trying to get those guys rings. On top of it appearing intellectually inconsistent with Dabo’s previously-stated stance on Bryant, the NCAA guideline seems to be crystal clear.