They got ‘yer fan friendly experience right here.

Big changes in store for your viewing pleasure, peeps.

As for what else is new at Dooley Field at Sanford Stadium this season, Matt Brachowski, associate athletic director for internal operations, passed along a summary that also appears in the 2019 Georgia Football Fan Guide, and among the changes are the addition of an all-new LED lighting system for the field and seating bowl. The new system is more energy efficient, they say, and brighter than the old lights. It also allows the lighting to be digitally adjusted, synchronized to music and used to produce special effects. (Now they can dim those lights for the fourth quarter Light Up Sanford display by the fans!)

Be still, my heart.

And for your non-viewing pleasure, too.

The only other major change announced concerns parking, always a sore spot with UGA fans. Recent campus construction has eliminated Lot #29, the Physical Plant lot. To accommodate donors previously parking in this lot, the athletic association says it now will reserve the Printing Lot (190 River Road) and a portion of the South Campus Parking Deck for donor parking.

Now there’s the Georgia Way we know and love.  Really, who could expect more?  I mean, when Butts-Mehre’s time is almost completely absorbed with fund-raising, who’s got the energy to do something supportive for the little guy?



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35 responses to “They got ‘yer fan friendly experience right here.

  1. 81Dog

    Great. The stupid ribbon boards are now MORE SEIZURE INDUCING (here’s a small tip. Turn. Them. Off. Or rip them out) and more of the pkebes will be unable to park nearer than Statham or maybe Watkinsville. BM won’t be happy until everyone parks ⚄ miles away and is shipped in by boxcar (Your UGA GAMEDAY Boxcar Experience!). Don’t touch anything as you enter or exit the stadium, pkebes! Magill donors will literally be getting lap dances from cheerleaders before BM does anything useful for the proletariat.

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  2. Kirby said recruits will love Light Up Sanford in the dark.

    In the meantime, an 80-year old grandmother is going to trip on the stairs in the reduced lighting trying to get to the restroom during the 3rd quarter break or leaving to miss the traffic.

    My cynical side is working overtime this morning. It’s Monday.


  3. Bright Idea

    I wonder if bottom two levels of the south deck will be reserved for permits and those of us who pay will be pushed to the top regardless of our time of arrival.


  4. The Georgia Way

    Rest assured, we could have used the 90% empty North Deck, but it’s more fun to push out the small contributors.


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  5. mwo

    Shit such as this is the biggest reason I quit attending games then eventually quit buying season tickets. We have a great group and really enjoyed tailgating. We used to get up early to get a spot at Aderholt or the vet school. When they increased the radius of the permit parking ring it stopped being as much fun. Prolly just me because the older I get the more grumpy and cynical I get. Get off my lawn!


  6. Jeff Sanchez

    Dang, Printing Press lot is where my family has been for YEARS. We may be effed this season.

    Just last season they eliminated the free parking there by having you pay as you went into the lot (you always had to pay to get into the deck, but there was a little pit of free parking if you went early enough). UGAAA pointing that big rifle directly at its own foot…

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  7. Russ

    LED lighting? Oh, I’m buying season tickets today!


  8. Texas Dawg

    Increased donation for tickets, crappy (pun intended) bathrooms, mind numbing long lines for concessions, killing tailgating, bad starting times, blaring music that will bust your ear drums, slow pace of game due to TV timeouts, replays that are not shown. Yep, it looks like they are doing everything in their power to make the average fan want to stay home. I’m sure they can get creative and find a way to make the game day experience even more of a hassle. We all love our DAWGS, but as some point you just have to say the man cave is a better option for watching the game.

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    • For me, the end will be when they’re projecting holographic fans into the seats for TV. Then they won’t need to have ANY live people in the stands.


      • 81Dog

        they already have the technology. How much harder can it be to CG fans in the seats at a college football game that it is on, say, Game of Thrones? Maybe they can show Kirby riding into Sanford on a dragon, too.


        • 79Dawg

          Perfect place to try it is in Jax, where instead of the Jaguar seat covers in the upper decks, they can just put green screens/covers!


  9. HiAltDawg

    Congratulations! You Bitches and Turds that complain about EVERYTHING are completely changing my mind about the sorry ass GEORGIA WAY. Here’s to McGarrity personally shit kicking your Inner Munson, Piss Soaked Hindlegs out of town after taking your lunch money for the Hell of it.

    Just to be clear here: Your bitiching and crying is getting worse than McGarrity’s goddamn greed and it’s hilarious how miserable he makes Bulldog Football for you.


  10. MGW

    Used to be any game was worth going to just for the game day experience. Now it’s gotta be a great game to be worth putting up with the game day experience.

    That isn’t on scatterbrained millennials, wifi, or HDTV. That’s on the powers that be for gumming up the gameday experience. Want to know how to fix the game day experience? Go watch a replay of a game from about 15-20 years ago, then go check your records of whatever the parking, tailgating, in game, etc. experience was back then. Start by doing that. Whatever you changed, un-change it. Now add some bathrooms, sell beer throughout the stadium, and work on traffic. Voila. Full stadiums.


    • MGW

      Point is, if you want the game day experience to not suck, you gotta leave some money on the table. It’s called a “loss leader”. You take your medicine by making less money off the backs of the people who actually show up. Those people enjoy themselves a lot more, the stadiums are more raucous and full, and the sport trends back up in popularity. An amazing game day is what makes the sport so popular, and consequently more attractive to TV audiences, believe it or not. So you treat game day as a loss leader to preserve and grow your ESPN money. It’s very simple. Wait too long to do that at your own risk.


  11. John Denver is full of shit...

    Watkinsville Season Ticket Holder here.
    I’m no longer interested in allocating 8hrs on a Saturday for Traffic/Parking/Walking for a 3.5hr game ..15 mins away.



    Donor here. We got moved from the physical plant to the printing lot. Is that closer or farther to the stadium?


  13. Isn't UGA about Students? Uh no.

    Kicking the students out – yep, that’s what’s happening in the South Deck. If you aren’t out by 5am Saturday (home game) you are towed. Yes, these students paid for a yearly parking pass. But hey – fuck the students, it’s all about football.


    • Russ

      They’ve been doing that for years. Other student lots had to vacated when I was in school 40 years ago. Of course, I thought it sucked then, too.


      • JCDawg83

        Yes, students who parked in the lot on the corner of Baxter and Lumpkin, where Bolton is now had to have their cars out of the lot by midnight Thursdays when I was at Georgia. That lot was reserved for people with campers and motor homes who spent the weekend in Athens for games.

        Honestly, if I was as put upon, offended, bothered and aggravated about the game day experience as much as some on here seem to be, I wouldn’t go to the games. It is unrealistic to expect to park in the shadow of the stadium, have every game kick off at the time most convenient to you, have gourmet concessions at rock bottom prices with no lines, immaculate bathrooms with no lines and get it all without paying any more than the face price of the ticket. I still love going to games in Athens, if the time comes when I don’t enjoy going, I’ll stop going. It really isn’t rocket science.


        • ATL Dawg

          I see you didn’t include the fact that you don’t donate and buy season tickets. Convenient.


          • JCDawg83

            So; if the ones who do are unhappy, they can stop buying. If I purchase something and I find it to be a poor value, I stop buying it. I don’t get in the games for free and I spend plenty on tailgating, I enjoy it and the experience is worth the money and the trouble and time spent going to the games. Like I said above, if the time comes when I don’t enjoy going anymore, I’ll stop.


        • Texas Dawg

          The problem that most people have is that MILLIONS AND MILLIONS have been spent. Little to none of that has been directed at upgrading the facilities for the proletarian class. No one is asking for luxurious bathrooms, they are just asking for something that does not appear to belong in the 19th century. No one is asking to park right next to the stadium (well maybe some). They are asking that where they have parked and tailgated for DECADES not be taken away and then essentially sold to the highest bidder. Don’t keep asking for and taking more and more without giving something in return.


          • JCDawg83

            I understand completely. My point is; if it is as bad as some make it out and they are truly offended by how they are being treated, they should stop spending the money and going to the games.


            • Texas Dawg

              That’s just it, they are. That is why Sanford and many other college stadiums have so many empty seats. The powers that be better listen and address the problem, or sooner or later the $$$$$ spigot will dry up. The vast majority of people are not looking for the Taj Mahal, but they would like to be acknowledged as something other than an ATM.


  14. Athens Dog

    I joined Magill at the entry level two years ago. I’ve already got cleat marks on my back from the people charging ahead of me. You have to do a $100k to “buy” a beer. Crazy. I’m not going to fulfill my pledge and will going down to two tickets in 2020. Just not worth the hassle. Sad.


  15. AceDawg

    Butt Smear – I’ll never know why we change the name of the football field but can’t update the athletic facility name with a tip of the hat to dignity.


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