Tradition on the Plains

How many other schools could have a line written about them like, “And only Auburn, with its long and storied tradition of athletic dysfunction…” and have it ring true?

Well, to start with, it helps to hire the right kind of people.

Only Pearl, with his florid history of failing to adhere to recruiting parameters, could end up involved in this one. He was fired at Tennessee in 2011 after lying about having two recruits at his house for a cookout when the recruiting calendar did not permit it. Fifteen years ago, when he was at Milwaukee, the school turned in a secondary violation for an impermissible contact with a recruit that was cut from the same cloth — attending a function at Pearl’s house.

It seemingly never hurts to be brazen about it — brazenness being a useful tool to deploy on occasion that certain schools, which shall remain nameless, have never appeared to grasp in their dealings with the NCAA.  Of course, the risk you run with brazenness is you never know when you hit your limits, but then again, if you don’t care that much, that’s not really much of a risk, amirite?



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27 responses to “Tradition on the Plains

  1. 81Dog

    Pearl is Jim Herrick Lite. All the violations, none of the championships! Dude can coach, he’s charming, and he’s completely full of a barnyard waste product. The perfect coach for Auburn, in other words.


    • Normaltown Mike

      Harrick at least won 1 at UCLE.

      The frustrating part with Pearl and Harrick, IMHO, is that they can coach and recruit well enough to win a lot. They just can’t help themselves to do it honestly.

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    • Bigshot

      Peal puts Jim Harrick to shame. I think your analogy should be the other way around. Harrick doesn’t hold a candle to Pearl.


      • 81Dog

        Pearl is a better and more voluminous cheater. Harrick was a better coach, demonstrated by his winning a NC. You always have a gain/loss of features with the second edition.


        • gastr1

          Here’s hoping all of it comes out and we’re done with Bruce. I can’t take any more of his car salesman ways.


  2. Biggus Rickus

    This will let Auburn fans indulge in their favorite pastime: Devising conspiracy theories to explain why the NCAA only targets them.

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  3. Mayor

    I’m taking this Pearl reference to be a football metaphor and I agree with it.Auburn has for years cheated at football recruiting and for the most part gotten away with it. The 2010 natty is grounded in paying Scam Newton. The WarTigersPlainsmen cheat and stonewall—that’s why they hired the former head of enforcement for the NCAA to run their “compliance” department. He schmoozes the right people at the NCAA and Auburn walks.


  4. Ben

    That sound you hear is the Auburn Family dragging their fainting couch to the middle of Sports Twitter to declare the innocence.

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  5. Bulldog Joe


    Bless their hearts.


    • Doug

      Knew what it was even before I clicked “play”…but I watched it anyway, because I’m the son of two UVA grads (and also ‘cuz I’m kind of a dick). The “Dewey Defeats Truman” of college sports.


    • ugafidelis

      In every other place in the world; that’s called littering.


      • artful codger

        I woulda thought they’d be more proficient with their TP’ing the trees, but several minutes in the oaks look pretty much the same.


  6. spur21

    Someone needs to tell them the REAL use of toilet paper…………………..


  7. Boz

    “Situational ethics have long been an Auburn hallmark”

    This is perfect.


  8. Bigshot

    Move along, nothing to see here. AU will skate. Dirtiest program in the nation.


  9. Derek

    Auburn is and will always be a continuing criminal enterprise.

    I hate them so very much….


  10. Mad Mike

    This comment section sounds kinda like Allegator Alley or Stingtalk talking about us….just sayin


    • Biggus Rickus

      Sure, if you ignore that Bruce Pearle has already been fired for NCAA violations, received a show-cause, has landed another program in the NCAA’s crosshairs, and Auburn’s roughly sixty year history of more or less constant cheating, it’s exactly the same thing.

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  11. Morris Day

    I don’t uh… I don’t care for Auburn.

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  12. Russ

    Bruce Pearl and Auburn, a match made in…somewhere. Levenworth? Folsom?


  13. Milledge Hall

    Acta non verba!!