Your Daily Gator is perfect.

This kiss-ass editorial is over the top enough to have Alligator Alley commenters calling out the author on it,


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  1. stoopnagle


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  2. Argondawg

    From the comments it appears that they are starting to realize how the rest of the nation is looking at them. They have had one of the more impressively bad off seasons i can remember. They have a serious culture problem. If it wasn’t Florida it might be sad.

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  3. Doug

    [steps up to podium]

    [taps mic]

    [clears throat]

    Has Dan Mullen lost control of the Florida program?

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  4. Biggus Rickus

    Fortunately, they aren’t taking any subsequent risk by bringing in players who were booted out of other programs or anything, so I’m sure it will all be fine going forward.

    On a side note, I wish writers on this issue, whatever their opinions, would stop trying to use the fact that they have daughters or sisters as substantiation of their deep concern.

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  5. SpellDawg

    Zero tolerance exists in a quantum state within the city limits of Gainesville.


  6. Godawg

    Corch = Phil
    Muschamp = Kiffin
    McElwain = SOD
    Mullen = Butch
    ??? = Pruitt

    Love me a nice fire on a chill fall evening…

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  7. Cojones

    I have respect for several of their fans who have grasped the issue and are informing the cheap-seaters that spin is not necessary when you hold the coach’s words to the heat of reality. Those fans speak as good alums who are upset that their school’s reputation is getting a permanent smudge that’s occurring just when they are living down a former coach’s bad reputation and their hubris will do nothing to solve the problem’s perception nor will it help their recruiting.

    Those are the fans you meet from time to time who don’t put their fingers in their ears so as not to hear, but instead can speak with authority about college football and the true assets of their university and team. I know a couple like that and they aren’t people you taunt in a conversation unless you are prepared to get it right back in Spurrier spades. Those FU fans also denigrate the Urban culture and realize that they are now paying for his tenure in other than money. They are not the type to shed alligator tears over their program and are similar to many Georgia fans in wanting to keep a clean image of their great University in academia and sports (if they aren’t too late).

    Their discourse on AA may help to support their university and team by getting their fans out of the Mullen spin cycle and into the extra wash and rinse for their school’s reputation. I admire their cojones for facing the reality and assisting others in following the threads of truth that show through from time to time. I haven’t seen any crowing about Cox, so they be holding their breath until he hits the field or hits someone else in the football program.

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    • Argondawg

      There are a ton of fans that did not go to the school they root for and genuinely DGAS how the University looks as long as the football team wins. It changes when it is your alma mater. Many have never stepped foot in Athens except on a game day. You can try to explain it to them but they just do not care.

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      • rugbydawg79

        My brother got his PHD there and taught there I understand exactly what you are saying. I still want to beat them more than any other school.


        • Cojones

          Please understand that I never will lose that feeling as well. I always enjoy the win most with a friend who received his PhD at FU and we have had a bet ongoing for every year for over 10 yrs. It is the best money I have received for the last couple of years. He and I buy each other’s drinks many times socially and whenever he has a party at his house, I have several times used his money to buy and smoke a turkey so it all evens out clams-wise, but it is with UGA pride that I enjoy his drinks and smoked turkey.


      • ugafidelis

        There are also a ton of fans for whom life’s circumstances didn’t facilitate an education at UGA, however it is in our hearts, and it’s our university as well. And we want the reputation of the school to be upheld just as high as you do. Winning be damned.


  8. Texas Dawg

    So we have discovered from this whole issue is that there IS a point at which even FU fans can be embarrassed. Who knew?


  9. Ginny

    Senator, I’m sure you’re aware that Florida has applied for a hardship waiver for Brenton Cox to gain immediate eligibility. Dufus Dan seems to think they have a strong case. I know the NCAA has been wildly inconsistent with these waivers, but I cannot fathom a scenario where his would get approved. Can you, and if so, on what basis?


    • Texas Dawg

      Not the Senator, but is seems that rock, paper, scissors, makes as much sense as the NCAA’s rational to rule for or against.


  10. Russ

    I was also reading about the Gators appealing for Cox to be immediately eligible. Said they did a “quick background check” before admitting him. I guess that means they checked that he actually had 5 stars and could fog a mirror. LOL.


  11. towniedawg

    The word from inside the program, is that junior and senior defensive leadership went to Kirby and told Kirby they wanted Cox off the team…. interesting.

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    • Texas Dawg

      When your fellow players want you gone, that speaks volumes. This may turn out to be a HUGE addition by subtractions. It only takes one cancer in the locker room to derail a promising season. Hopefully this is a genius sinister ploy by Kirby to send in an agent to destroy what little moral is to be found around the ditch lizards house. On the other hand, it could be that the TURDS are so desperate that they are willing to ingest the carcinogen in the hopes that the cancer does not manifest itself. #FTMF


      • Cojones

        Agreed, but think that part of the reason is face-saving for the dumpster-fire recruitment that won’t get any better until they hire all new recruiting staff and/or Mullen asks for help from the bullgator bag men. If team members asked for his dismissal, he isn’t going to heal his personality overnight and it indeed represents an ongoing reality problem at FU.


      • First it was Agent Muschamp, now Agent Cox!


  12. Bob

    I understand that Coach Mullen submitted the waiver directly to the NCAA for it to be expedited. Apparent reason is that D’Andre Walker was “mean” to him in one game last year. Also, Jalen Hurts was “mean” to him in the SEC Championship game as well. The atmosphere in Athens is clearly mean and toxic and he should be allowed to play immediately in Gainesville, where the atmosphere is top notch.

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  13. Cojones

    Export of this toxic player to FU in their time of need appears to be genius move.

    “Hey, as suspected , Cox is the problem gnawing at our new stars and they would like him gone.”
    “OK, lets export him to where he can do us the most good – FU.”
    “Someone put a bee in his bonnet for their needs and mention revenge against us as the motivation he needs.”
    “Yeah, that ought to take care of FU in any SEC game – btw, don’t forget to send film of his play in the SECC and the Texas game to all the SEC teams that FU plays.”
    “Got it! It’s on the way.”


  14. whb209

    I will say that Mullen did himself a disservice by downplaying the incidents last Monday when asked what the program does to counter violence against women.
    “We do a lot you know,” he said. “I mean how many of them are actually
    This statement should have gotten any coach fired…
    All he said was UF has lawyers and bag men that can pay
    off any females that complain…Therefore no one is charged..
    Damn good job Coach.