Envy and jealousy, Georgia fan edition

From David Hale’s enjoyable piece on Jake Fromm:

It’s been 39 years since Georgia celebrated a national championship, back when Walker was a freshman and Jimmy Carter was president and the Bulldogs’ QB needed to complete just one pass to go down in the history books. In the four decades since, the fan base fumed as Steve Spurrier and Urban Meyer dominated at FloridaCam Newton won a natty for rival Auburn. Heck, even Georgia Tech‘s got one since UGA last celebrated college football supremacy. The Georgia faithful suffered through Ray Goff, lived and died with Mark Richt, watched as David Greene and Matthew Stafford and Aaron Murray came and went without winning it all.

To be a Georgia fan is to smell success like the faint stink of stale beer and cigarettes on your clothes after a long night on Clayton Street. It’s a hazy memory of happier times, supplanted by a pounding headache and nausea.

Only someone who’s been a Georgia beat writer could get us like that.


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  1. Got COwdog

    Man, it’s dusty in here….

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  2. Godawg

    He pretty much nails it.
    I don’t get the NATS reference though, I wasn’t even born the last time Tech won one…


  3. DugLite

    I was 9 during the 1980 season. My life in a nutshell.

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    • Godawg

      Tied some memorable buzzes on THAT year!


    • Comin' Down The Track

      I had just turned 12 on December 30. I hear you. I thought, “This is what sports fandom is supposed to be like. Herschel is only a Freshman. I could get used to this.”


      • Got Cowdog

        Ditto. Got Sr. and I were hauling a pickup load of hay from our farm to my uncle’s, we were on 15 just North of Jefferson. I yelled “Holy Shit” and Pop says “Holy shit is right!”. Then he let loose with as happy a stream of profanity as you will ever hear and was whacking me on the shoulder hard enough to hurt.
        Top 10 favorite Dad memory. I actually didn’t see the play until years later.


    • Classic City Canine

      I was 9 in 1999 when I started cheering for the Braves. It’s been all downhill from there.


  4. Cynical Dawg

    It was unbelievable. My memory: I grew up in a suburb of Atlanta. Late in the fourth quarter of the Florida game, I gave up in disgust and walked away from the television. I went outside and got ready to mow the lawn. As I was pouring gas into the lawn mower, I heard people inside every house in the neighborhood erupt in cheering. I immediately knew what had happened by the intensity of the cheering. Like Munson said, “I gave up…you did too.”

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    • Greg

      Cool story…..you probably heard me screaming too, only I was about 150 miles away.


      • Cynical Dawg

        Yep. I experienced something like that only one other time in my life. I lived in an apartment in Norcross in 1992. When Sid Bream scored, I could hear what sounded like the entire complex erupt at once in shouting, cheering, car horns honking…


        • Greg

          HA!…..same here. Seemed like it too 3 years to reach home plate. But in fairness to him, he was moving faster than he normally did.


        • Silver Creek Dawg

          Lived on campus then and it went berserk.

          The other cool experience was the previous year, when the Braves won the division the day we played Clemson. Both sets of fans went crazy tailgating before the night football game. Honestly thought I was at Doak Campbell as there was a lot of chopping and chanting.


  5. Not to get on a Richt Roll here, but Jake is already one of my all time favorite dawgs, and I have the firing of Mark Richt to thank for that. Jake would have been just another in a long line of Georgia natives who wound up winning championships at programs other than UGA had we kept Richt.


  6. ginny

    Oh my god if that isn’t the most accurate Georgia fan depiction ever. I still think David Hale was one of the more talented beat writers we’ve had.

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  7. If we don’t win a national championship on Jake’s watch, I guarantee you it won’t be his fault.

    He is a DGD regardless of what happens in the next 17 months. By the way, I think the reason Fields left is that he already knows Jake plans to stay for his senior year.

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  8. Dawgwood

    That’s the best thing I’ve read about the Georgia program in years! Hell, since Hale with covering the team. He truly gets it, and It’s just a great piece. The depressing thing is that he only mentioned a few “What If” moments. There are so many more. I guess those were just during his time covering them team.


  9. Doug

    Yeah, I feel seen. Hale definitely gets it.

    As much as the national title drought stings, though, I wouldn’t trade places with Tech for anything, not the way we’ve dominated them basically ever since they left the SEC. Nor would I trade places with Auburn, where chaos is so institutionalized that you can win a NC and still fear going 5-7 (or worse) within a couple years.

    And as nice as it would be to win two titles in three years, if we had to sully our program with the likes of Urban Meyer to achieve it, I don’t think I’d be willing to make that Faustian bargain. (Ask me again if we haven’t made it back to the title game in five years, though…)


  10. PTC DAWG

    Envy? Jealous? Not me.


  11. truck

    Not to mention Clemmons, Bammer and the Vowels. Being a Dawg fan ain’t for the faint-hearted.


  12. JCDawg83

    Dooley sold his soul to the devil in Jacksonville in 1980 to get that win. Until the devil gets his due he will continue to torment Georgia fans with near misses.


  13. Athens Dog

    I sure do miss David Hale covering the dogs.

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  14. 2675miller

    Always a player short. An healthy Jimmy Payne against Penn State would have been enough to stop Curt Warner that day. Nearly every wr we had was out against UF in 02. Who knows what would have happened if DJ shockley had played against UF in 05. A couple more DL’s against bama in the SECC in 12 would have made a difference. Lately it is a play short. A play would have beaten Bama in 17. Opportunities like that only come once every 40 years for UGA.


  15. Hogbody Spradlin

    Sorry for being that guy, but more time has passed since the 1980 MNC than passed from the 1942 MNC to the 1980 MNC.


  16. Mayor

    Great article but I’m not as accepting as some here about the premise of failure by the Dawgs since 1980. There is a little too much Ricky Booby “If you ain’t first, you’re last” mentality going on in this thread. Sure, Georgia might have won multiple natties since 1980 but came up short. The one I personally found most frustrating was the 1982 season when the Dawgs still had Herschel Walker and somehow managed to lose to State Penn in the Sugar Bowl. There were others too, the most recent being of course 2017 when the refs stole the game for Bama. But if you go back and look there really have been many times the Dawgs had arguably the best team in the nation at the end of the season and got screwed out of even playing for the natty. The truth is we have been RIGHT THERE so many times I can’t count them all. 2007 at the end Georgia had the best team in the nation–period. 2012, if Conley bats down the ball the next play is likely a TD pass and Georgia would have done the same thing to ND in the BCSNCG as Bama did. Among the best Georgia teams I ever saw was the 1971 11-1 team–never got consideration for the championship. The 1959 10-1 SEC Champion Georgia team QBd by Fran Tarkenton. In 1976 the Dawgs could have won it all if they beat Pitt (they got stomped) in the Sugar Bowl. The 1992 Eric Zeier led 10-2 team that lost to UT by 3 and Florida by 2. The truth is the Dawgs have been close a lot–as many times as any team in the country except Bama and therein lies the problem. We are in the same conference as Bama and under the current format we likely will have to beat Bama (probably twice) to win it all. I looked it up: Since 1980 16 teams have won a natty, the same ones winning multiple times for the most part. Bama, Florida, Miami, Nebraska–those have eaten up most championships. So don’t be remorseful peeps. There are over 125 teams in the FBS and most never even sniff a title of any kind. Georgia has won 3 SEC Championships and so many SEC East titles in the last 30 years I lost count–and has been in the hunt for the national title plenty of times. To me winning the SEC Championship is the main thing anyway–becoming champion of the best conference in the nation.

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  17. sectionzalum

    He forgot don Nan, ‘I eat grits’, Quincy Carter, and losing to Tech 3 years in a row.

    Dark, dark days.


  18. DawgPhan

    Bill C put out a bunch of lists of the top teams by average S&P+ rankings and UGA was in the top 10 of nearly every list no matter the date range.

    That UGA hasnt managed to win a national title since 1980 is probably harder than winning a national title.