No matter how you add it up…

That’s what a growth business looks like, people.  And, checking in with $176,699,893 in revenues, Georgia now ranks sixth in the country.  Say what you will about Butts-Mehre’s methods, it’s certainly raking in the dough.

Speaking of which, I thought it might be worthwhile to revisit the same ground I charted here and here, in reviewing Georgia’s net in comparison with the rest of the conference.  I don’t think the results are going to surprise any of you.

  • Texas A&M:  $46,617,008
  • Georgia:  $42,758,308
  • Mississippi State:  $14,064,473
  • Florida:  $12,039,389
  • Alabama:  $10,948,924
  • LSU:  $7,921,276
  • Auburn:  $7,822,378
  • Kentucky:  $5,279,032
  • South Carolina:  $5,220,593
  • Arkansas:  $2,756,388
  • Missouri:  $(1,806,941)
  • Ole Miss:  $(5,899,651)
  • Tennessee:  $(6,485,382)

To put Georgia’s net figure in perspective, the combined net from the SEC’s other thirteen schools is $98,477,487.  Georgia’s net represents 45.19% 30.27% of the conference total ($141,235,795); that’s more extreme a lower percentage than what the EADA numbers showed.  But it remains a sizeable chunk, which is consistent with what the EADA figures indicated.

All of which brings me back to this quote, once again.

McGarity, who played and coached tennis at Georgia and worked in its athletic administration before leaving for Florida, said “there is nothing greater than being part of championships. That’s why we do what we do.

“At the end of the day,” he continued, “all the time you put in at the office, the fun comes when you’re competing for championships and you see what these coaches have done over a number of years to finally get to the top of the mountain and you’re able to be just a small piece of that.”

A reminder from Seth Emerson ($$):

Georgia finished 21st in the Directors’ Cup standings, which ranks schools by how they did in every NCAA sport, from big to small. Last year Georgia finished eighth in the same standings. The previous year it was 13th. The last time Georgia finished this low in the rankings was 1997.

Something isn’t adding up in Athens, and contrary to McGarity’s assertions, it doesn’t appear to be the financial math.


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24 responses to “No matter how you add it up…

  1. Jared S.

    Texas A&M is #1 at $46,617,008, if my calculations are correct.


  2. FisheriesDawg

    When David Perno was fired, I wanted McGarity to throw the kitchen sink at Tim Corbin and see if we could lure him away from Vanderbilt. I’m not sure Corbin would have left for any amount of money, but the fact that we didn’t even try to get someone like that says everything about our commitment to non-football championships.

    Fortunately Stricklin seems to finally be getting things on the right path, yet the difference between our potential (see national seeds the past two years) and our outcomes (bounced from home regionals the past two years) make a big difference in the Directors Cup.

    I really want us to have a contending basketball program, but from a championships standpoint, it probably makes a lot more sense to just dump a crapload of cash into programs like baseball, tennis, swimming, and track rather than trying to climb the mountain in a sport where everyone else is already way ahead of us.


  3. Classic City Canine

    That figure isn’t a sign that Georgia has more underlying profitability or that we are savvy at business. It just means that we hoard our cash instead of spending it trying to win. I don’t understand why we hoard money because the UGAA isn’t a business with shareholders to pay. Why wouldn’t you spend it on your purpose for existing by providing opportunities for athletes and winning titles?


  4. Greg McGarity Jr.

    We want to be fiscally strong. Spending money on gameday and Sanford improvements that would benefit the masses isn’t going to help our profit margin.


  5. Godawg

    I’m just enjoying watching the glow from Rocky Top…


  6. Tony Barnfart

    I thought these numbers had been out for a while, no ?


  7. Texas Dawg

    I have always said 10RC ain’t worth shit, and now I have the numbers to prove it.


  8. Tony Barnfart

    45% of UCF’s revenue comes from a combination of state support, institutional support and student fees–i.e. not athletic department revenues. In other words, UCF is taking $28million per year off the backs of taxpayers, students and the university general fund to keep their head afloat at this level. Ditto for all their AAC peers +/-.

    Everybody loves to bag on the high paid coaches in the power 5 but this is the crime that does not get enough attention.


  9. JasonC

    Senator, I believe the only championship McGarity was referring to is the revenue championship.


  10. ATL Dawg

    Marc Weiszer mentioned in his Magill Society article that for fiscal year 2020 they have projected unallocated reserves of $66.7 million. Yet they can’t spend more on stuff that would benefit their average customer.

    The Georgia Way is still alive and well.


  11. TimberRidgeDawg

    Not sure that everybody is using the same accounting practices in accounting for P&L. Not saying UGA isn’t raking in some dough on a yearly but perhaps schools are using different methods which may skew the numbers up or down and make comparisons difficult. For instance tOSU brought in $205M and spent $203M?

    This stuff would have to be peeled back further to see what is really going on. One would make the assumption that the UGA AD is sitting on a $43M cash horde after the light bill is paid but that probably doesn’t address debt service and requirements for cash reserves to support bond debt. They operate as a Non Profit so any cash horde left over has to go back into the University general fund to support the education mission.

    There is plenty of room for discussion on where AD money goes at UGA and other Universities but I don’t think reports like this do much other than give a reasonably accurate picture of top line revenue. After that, its a mole hunt.


    • Tony Barnfart

      As I said above though, the real s***show is all the FBS, non power 5 teams and their allocated amount. We may have a ridiculous nest egg but at least we’re not robbing students, taxpayers and academics to support a charade.

      $52 million per year is spent, mostly by Floridians, so that UCF and USF can pretend to have big boy football. Alabamans spend $20million per year so UAB can continue to play in that dump known as Legion Field and nobody shows up to the games. This seems like total madness to me but YMMV.


  12. BuffaloSpringField

    I may be mistaken but during the Super Regional in Athens did I hear SEC network that against Fla. State the Dawgs could not use their own facility to dress in because the requirement per NCAA is the visiting team must have the same equal dressing training area room that the home team does.
    Might be a good place to get get some Silver Star McGills members to attach their name to.
    Heck I might contribute a extra $5,000 if I could get my name on one of the overused facility toilets in Sanford if I knew it would be ready when I was. No wait, I have my own and a wood burning kit like Opey Taylor’s so I’ll just burn me a plaque and hang it over my own facility and use that $5,000 to upgrade UHD TV and sports packages. I have air conditioning and don’t pay $85 to park and maybe I can get some one to bring me a cold one from the kitchen. Naw, I’ll just get a compact and set it next to the lazy boy.


  13. Macallanlover

    We talk often about talent gaps, that gap between A&M/UGA level and the rest is quite significant. There is much to be done at Sanford, and other UGA sports facilities, like tennis and baseball, to be netting that much money. (Not to mention giving Pittman and a few more “keeper” coaches another protection bump.)


    • Mac, the golden goose (football) will have their wishes answered as wanted/needed…the squeaky wheel syndrome is alive and well with other sports (Steg and hoops staff are done for a while)…would have liked to seen how the ad might have reacted to Coach Magill and his wishes/vision for the tennis facility as a whole…Gabrielsen Natatorium is covered in championship hardware, facility is going on 20 plus years, if Coach Bauerle hasn’t got more cred than competing in a dinosaur with the ncaa’s coming to town, will leave baseball/softball/track & field/golf for next week…appears as though the ad has no 5/10/20 year outlay (the income part $eem$ to be hitting it’$ $tride) vision for that department as a whole or until he’s told to have one


  14. Bulldog Joe

    “…to finally get to the top of the mountain and you’re able to be just a small piece of that.”

    Since there are no championships at Georgia, he must be talking about that mountain of money.


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