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If you needed a reason to go to the Vandy game…

Here you go.

If you’re a Vanderbilt fan, it can’t hurt.


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Your 8.14.19 Playpen

Some of you have probably figured out I’m on vacation this week.  I’m enjoying a Cocktail Party-less time on Amelia Island.

Anyway, last night I’m at my favorite restaurant here and the staff is regaling my group with tales of The Rolling Stones dining there when they played in Jacksonville this summer (evidently, Jagger ate there twice in a week).

That, of course, led me to ponder a philosophical question that’s nagged at me for years:  in the wake of a nuclear holocaust, is there another human being on the planet more likely to survive than Keith Richards?  I’ve never been able to come up with anyone else.

And with that, the comments are yours, gang.


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And you thought cut blocking was bad…

Make sure you listen carefully at the 20-second mark to hear how Ole Miss is coaching up its offensive linemen.

Yes, indeedy, “biting guys in the nuts and putting thumbs in their ass”.  I doubt they’ll really go there, but I wouldn’t want to be a defensive lineman waiting to find out for sure.  LOL.


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It’s Mickey’s world, and the rest of us are just living in it.

If you weren’t aware yet, with Florida and Miami kicking the season off in Orlando, ESPN’s College Game Day is taking itself to the Magic Kingdom because of that site’s rich college football tradition it’s a Disney property.  That should make for an interesting pregame venue.

No signs and a $100 entry fee.  Man, I bet those crazy college kids will be lining up for a piece of that sweet action.

When you think about it, it’s really a twisted metaphor on the future of college football.


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I don’t know about you, but describing changes to white matter in players’ brains after a season of football as “fraying” kinda gives me the willies.


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TFW you realize somebody forgot to write that storybook ending

I still think there isn’t a shot in hell that Justin Fields won’t be named Ohio State’s starting quarterback this month, but I’ve got to admit a certain fascination watching Ryan Day slowly realize he’s got some coaching up to do.

We saw Fields’ talent last season, but also saw that he needed seasoning.  That works well when you’ve got a Fromm to lead the offense, but is an entirely different deal when you’re working without a net, as Day is.  Makes you wonder how tolerant Ohio State fans will be with Fields’ growing pains.

(h/t Saturday Football)


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An immensely popular sport, if you can keep it.

Georgia fans, you’re not alone:  read Billy Gomila’s piece about the steady decline of tailgating at LSU, and you’ll hear the same refrain we know so well, sung in a Cajun accent.

Hell, you almost get the feeling that the geniuses running college athletics are actively sabotaging their product.

The saddest part is a few years down the road, when the stadiums still aren’t filling up, those same people are going to proclaim themselves totally puzzled by the situation.


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