And you thought cut blocking was bad…

Make sure you listen carefully at the 20-second mark to hear how Ole Miss is coaching up its offensive linemen.

Yes, indeedy, “biting guys in the nuts and putting thumbs in their ass”.  I doubt they’ll really go there, but I wouldn’t want to be a defensive lineman waiting to find out for sure.  LOL.


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15 responses to “And you thought cut blocking was bad…

  1. illini84

    I’m dyin over here!


  2. Greg

    Not all do it, but this is not exclusive to Ole Miss….been going on forever. There is always one or two on a team that will play dirty. It gets worse in a pile, twisting, grabbing and etc…..some get away with it, cause the refs can’t see it.


    • Russ

      Conrad Dobler was the first I remember really telling how it was (is) in the pile. He was pretty proud of the things he did at the bottom of the pile.


    • Macallanlover

      Florida and the Barn are the two that come immediately to mind. And they have a history of not only playing dirty, but having the fans rally behind this type of play. Don’t think any other teams meet both of those factoids.


  3. Argondawg

    This sounds like a girl one of my roomates dated at UGA. She was a smoke show and he went out with her for two months just trying to get into her “good graces”. Dude was patient and I could tell at a party we had at our place one night that this was his night, this is literally what he said the next morning almost verbatim “biting guys in the nuts and putting thumbs in their ass.” She also sat up in bed and slapped and then she went back to work on him. I think he had a little PTSD after that night. I think that relationship lasted about 30 minutes after this event.


  4. Granite-dawg

    This is no different than any other o line coach in the country. Hit them in the nuts the hands instinctively go down. And they lose leverage and passing lanes open up.
    Shit it’s like a damn street fight. There are no rules.
    The line of scrimmage isn’t for weak people.


  5. illini84

    Bobby Poss used to tell me how the Vandy player would “try to hurt you’!


  6. rugbydawg79

    In Rugby it is called sorting things out. One Ref and he is usually chasing the ball.



    BITE the NUTS! Funny as hell


  8. 1smartdude

    Didn’t a Clemson player get his ball grabbing captured on national TV recently. I actually belive he tried to explain it to the media afterwards. I wouldn’t won’t to have to answer those kind of questions……