TFW you realize somebody forgot to write that storybook ending

I still think there isn’t a shot in hell that Justin Fields won’t be named Ohio State’s starting quarterback this month, but I’ve got to admit a certain fascination watching Ryan Day slowly realize he’s got some coaching up to do.

We saw Fields’ talent last season, but also saw that he needed seasoning.  That works well when you’ve got a Fromm to lead the offense, but is an entirely different deal when you’re working without a net, as Day is.  Makes you wonder how tolerant Ohio State fans will be with Fields’ growing pains.

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52 responses to “TFW you realize somebody forgot to write that storybook ending

  1. TomReagan

    I didn’t see any examples of superior talent from him last year. We were told he had it, but I didn’t see it on the field.


    • hodgie

      He certainly has superior arm strength and can run. However, being able to do those two things in a superior way does not mean you can be QB1. There’s a difference in being talented and being a ballplayer. He is definitely talented but not a ballplayer. I love Fromm but in the arm strength and running he’s not close to Fields but he is a ballplayer. I’d much rather have Fromm than Fields any day.


    • gastr1

      What? You didn’t see that laser he threw against UMass?

      I have to admit that I’m having a little schadenfreude with him myself. I can’t get behind his thinking he’d sign with Georgia and beat out Fromm (lol) and then giving up when he couldn’t. Kid has some growing up to do, IMO. So I get it when others smile to themselves when he struggles, I guess.


  2. Got Cowdog

    I’ve no ill will towards Justin Fields, but tOSU is ranked ahead of UGA in a couple of polls for no reason that I can think of other than “They’re Ohio State”. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings to see them suck worse than a worn out car wash vacuum and be left out of the rankings. I don’t know why I have such disdain for Ohio State. Genetics maybe?

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    • illini84

      Me either but I want to see what happens when he gets his dick knocked in the dirt.


    • Jim

      I want them to coast thru their cakewalk schedule and then make fields look silly in the playoffs….


      • Admiral Sackbar

        Very plausible. However, if this isn’t smoke and mirrors and JF really does have issues running the offense, they will more than likely drop 1-2 games against underdogs. tOSU has shown a propensity to do this is in the past, no matter how game-seasoned their starting QB or how talented his teammates were. I wouldn’t assume the generational talent out of Kennesaw won’t face similar adversity.


    • Macallanlover

      Not sure Cowdog, I think those ranking aOSU higher might be because they feel they have an easier path to the playoffs, and they certainly do. UGA is likely to have to beat Bama in Atlanta, what is the biggest obstacle the Suckeyes face, Michigan? UGA is generally regarded higher this year, but you aren’t being objective if you don’t acknowledge the odds are better with them, or Clemson. Does not say either would beat UGA, but both Bama and the Dawgs have a tougher road to travel.


    • willypmd

      I think the reason is they have a slightly higher blue chip ratio than UGA (I.e more overall talent)

      I think we are better entirely because of the difference between Fromm and Fields, and Kirby’s coaching experience, but to act like Ohio State hasn’t recruited at an insane level is not accurate in my opinion


    • Bulldog Joe

      Florida Atlantic, Cincinnati, @Indiana, Miami Ohio, @Nebraska, Michigan State, @Northwestern, Wisconsin, Maryland, @Rutgers, Penn State, @Michigan, Big Ten Championship Game.

      Schedule looks to be a breeze for them regardless of who starts at QB. They’ve won 14 of 15 vs. Michigan, so Northwestern looks to be the top candidate for their annual flop game.

      Even at 12-1, I don’t see the committee denying the Big Ten a share of the playoff money this year.


  3. Argondawg

    I think there are a couple of serious questions to ask. How does he do when under serious physical pressure from a defense? How does he handle mistakes like ints and miscues. Can he get them in the right play? Is he capable of efficiently reading defenses? A lot more question than answers at this point. Kid has an arm and can run. One thing is for sure and that is the pressure on him will be intense.

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  4. Michael

    Lord, please let this be the disaster we all know it can be.

    Your humble servant, Michael

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  5. Bigshot

    This can’t be so. He’s winning the Heisman.


  6. AugDawg

    You hate to see it


  7. Mick Jagger

    Could be a great running back


  8. DawgPhan

    I hope that Fields and Eason have great seasons. It would make the season just that much more interesting to watch. And as long as Georgia keeps on winning, why wouldn’t I want to see more great football?


  9. rex

    Seriously though. Fields played like crap last year. Too much attitude and not enough smarts.


  10. Mark

    Cfb is littered with qbs that were great in mop up duty.Jeremy Johnson anyone?Most power 5 qbs would show out against Umass but play clock issues and running backwards against auburn with a legitimate O-line,rbs,&receivers reveals that while rare patience is still a virtue.Shockley anyone?


    • dawgman3000

      Shockley is a great guy and was a great qb. He’ll never be recognized as a great qb at UGA even though he was the last qb to lead UGA to a SEC title before 2017.

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  11. Hobnail_Boot

    Was Ryan Day talking about special teams?

    No offense to Gunner Hoak, but I’m pretty sure my border collie could run it more productively than Justin “Panic! At The Snap” Fields.

    Screw that guy.


  12. PTC DAWG

    I’m just glad the distraction is gone (his Dad).

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  13. FlyingPeakDawg

    CFB playoff fantasy…Washington (Eason), tOSU (Fields), Clempsun (Lawrence) and of course UGA with Fromm.


    • Jared S.

      I don’t ever wish tOSU any kind of success whatsoever. My final four prediction this year happens to actually be what I’d most like to see:



    • DawgPhan

      Imagine a college football playoff where every starting QB has a clear tie to Georgia. That would really be unprecedented.


  14. dawgman3000

    I wish Fields nothing but the best, but I think he is in for a rude awakening at tOSU. He is a immensely talented athlete that has to stop relying too much on his athleticism and take the time to learn how to play the qb position. He had the ideal guy to learn from at UGA in Fromm.


  15. Karma would be Field’s being benched at the half of game 3 with them tariling Indiana.


  16. addr

    The bald face truth about Fields has been pretty obvious for a while now: he is an immensely talented player that needs time to adjust to the college game.

    Consider that Fields only started something like 17 games in his high school career – all of his junior year, and part of his senior year, where he missed time due to injury. And those games were against relatively weaker competition. If you watch his high school film you’ll see that a lot of the plays he makes are simply due to his athleticism, and not necessarily due to his polish as a QB. Contrast that with Trevor Lawrence, who played against superior competition and started all four years in high school.



    Quarterback position 70% mental 30% physical


  18. Cousin Eddie

    Irony would be if Fields and Tate both transfer again, to the same school.


  19. practicaldawg

    Just waiting for Martell to come back and get immediate eligibility after the hardship he endured at Miami in the preseason


  20. Morris Day

    Pig in a poke?


  21. Jack Klompus

    Coaches and the “experts” in the press are idiots. In college and the NFL, there is so much expectation that a top-flight QB should be able to walk onto the field day one and play. Tua, Jake, and Trevor are exceptions to the rule, guys like Aaron Rodgers/Brett Favre are or should be the standard- sit and watch for a year or two and then take over. If players, like Fields, weren’t fed the bullshit that they should be starting by week 6 of their Freshman year, we’d still have him here, he’d still be in a position to develop over time and he’d probably end up in a better spot in the long-run.

    Fields will be fine, the dude is a stud. But, damn, give him a little time.

    All that said, I hope OSU doesn’t win a f#$*&# game this year.


  22. Jack Klompus

    What I’m really looking forward to seeing is Jalen Hurts. This guy was not good in 2017 but ends up having 7 min of good football against us, at a point when we looked completely gassed on defense, and suddenly he’s a Heisman candidate. I guess we’ll see how much of a QB whisperer Lincoln Riley is.


  23. TimberRidgeDawg

    Fields was given the same opportunity to win the job at UGA that Trevor Lawrence was given at Clemson. Difference was Fromm was a steeper hill to climb and Fields athletic superiority didn’t help when the lights came on and game sped up. Lawrence has been a starting QB since he was a freshman in high school. That’s 56 starts. Fields didn’t start till he was Jr and was hurt for almost half his Sr year. He’s had 18 starts in his life and he thought he would walk on the field and take over the job from Jake Fromm, who was also started as a freshman in HS and played in 46 games and then took over for Eason and started 14 more as true Freshman while getting to the National Title game.

    Fields may yet turn out to be an excellent QB but he’s got some dues to pay before the game slows down for him. No substitute for experience.


  24. Just a Thought

    Not sure why everyone on here is so damn bitter towards Fields. He’s a great talent with plenty of growth needed (as most freshman require). Of course, he wasn’t able to supplant Fromm last year, which maybe 2-3 other guys in the country could’ve done. Let’s not be so hard on him. He gave a whole year to the program but wants a platform to achieve his goal of getting to the NFL. No need to put him down for pursuing his goals. Makes us seem like a real petty fanbase otherwise.


    • Go Cowdog

      Meh. I don’t think anyone faults the kid for moving on. It’s the way it went down. Some of it may lie in frustration that Kirby tried to appease him (Pablo) and it cost us some momentum at times. Some of it is the way he left and the reason he gave for immediate eligibility. Anyone who has ever coached anything has had to deal with delusional, overzealous parent, I can vouch for that being a large strike against him even though it’s not his fault. Kirby should have redshirted him. I have a suspicion that Daddy was behind a lot of this.
      I hope he get’s his ass handed to him now because he plays for Ohio State. It’s not personal.


      • Just a Thought

        Yeah, I mostly agree. To your point, I feel like much of it was out of his control. However, I think it’s unfair to assume what basis he relied on to achieve eligibility. He and his lawyer both claimed the racism incident had nothing to do with the decision. Fields even spoke highly about UGA upon exiting.

        Also, I think Kirby could have done a better job utilizing him throughout the season. For example, there were plenty of beat-down games where Fields could’ve been cut loose for the entire fourth quarter. I understand wanting to run out the clock and end the game but it’s hard for Fields to get any in-game development from handing off the ball repeatedly.

        That being said, I don’t blame CKS at all. Fromm’s our guy. I just wish Fields could’ve remained patient (who knows, maybe he knows Fromm plans on staying for his senior year). Nonetheless, I’ll root for him individually just like I’ll do for Eason. But, like you, I still hope tOSU loses every game they play.


  25. Bigshot

    If he is a 1st round draft choice he is gone.


    • spur21

      Not so sure about that. The young man loves UGA and the college life. He doesn’t need the $$. The money will still be there a year later plus with the projected team talent in 2020 he could actually have an even better year and significantly improve his draft stock.
      The only hiccup is playing at Clemson.