Kirby speaks, part one

This ESPN piece has some of the most illuminating comments I’ve seen from Smart this offseason, so I thought I’d share, breaking some of them into separate post subjects for the benefit of commenting.  (In other words, read the whole thing.)

Here’s what he had to say about his offensive line:

Smart was a part of four national championship teams while coaching at Alabama under Saban, so he knows what a championship team looks like. He looks around the practice field this preseason at Georgia and is heartened by what he sees, particularly up front offensively.

“We’ve got two tackles (Andrew Thomas and Isaiah Wilson) that look like Cam Robinson did at Alabama, big, athletic guys,” Smart said. “Solomon Kindley at left guard is a lot like Chance Warmack was at Alabama, and there’s a great battle at the other guard spot between Ben Cleveland and Cade Mays. In time, the best player of all of them might be (true sophomore) Trey Hill at center. He’s the most athletic 350-pound man that I’ve ever seen. And what I like is that everybody is motivated because they’ve been anointed and talked about all offseason.

“They better get ready because they’re going to get everybody’s best shot, but they’re talented. All five guys will play in the NFL. I have no doubt.”

I’m sure the comment about Trey Hill will get the most attention, but I sense the feeling there, even though I’m sure he’d never admit it, that the o-line is Mr. Impose Your Will’s favorite position group.


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16 responses to “Kirby speaks, part one

  1. Sam Pittman is worth every dime we pay him and more. The man recruits, develops and challenges those guys to be their best. High school kids seem to love him. His players work their tails off for him.

    If there’s one position group where iron sharpens iron, it has to be those guys.

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    • Got Cowdog

      It’s not going to hurt the defensive line to practice against that kind of talent, either. This is a very good thing.
      I watched some twitter clips yesterday. None of those big guys up front, offense or defense, are “fat”. There aren’t any bellies hanging over belts or bubble asses. Apologies to the Inner Munson, but these guys look legit and if they’re playing with a chip? Look out.


  2. Godawg

    I literally just drooled while reading that….


  3. Faltering Memory

    I won’t be on the front row at Dawg Walk anymore, ‘fraid I’ll get stepped on.


    • Cojones

      Funny, and it sorta’ zips up the previous comments. Hope none of those big guys get injured when they get “stepped on” as well.


      • Russ

        I hope no one gets injured, but if any position group could take it, it’s these guys. I still say we have two of the best offensive lines in CFB. But let’s not tempt fate.


  4. Greg

    hope they have learned from the Texas game …..cause plenty will watch that and try the same. “I gha-rawn-tee”!!


  5. St. Johns Dawg

    I thought Kirby’s comments about his coaching staff changes were interesting as well:
    “People were coming after (Coley) left and right,” Smart said. “I love Jim (Chaney). He did a good job and led that side of the ball. I was very comfortable with that, but he felt like this was his chance to get paid at a really high level. I ran the risk of paying him at that level and possibly losing two other coaches. The key is you’ve gotta figure out who you’re going to pay and where your value is in recruiting.”

    Smart said where he’s evolved the most as a head coach is that he’s delegating more.

    “My coordinators are doing things right and I know they’re in control, whereas before my antenna was up all the time,” Smart said.


  6. stoopnagle

    “Greatest Offensive Line in the History of Ball!”

    Said with sarcasm, as I recall. Kirby’s challenging them to live up to the hype!


  7. We all often draw conclusions with too little information….. so with that disclaimer, I felt very comfortable that this unit is just that good when at G-Day we ran like 3 or 4 simple drive plays at the beginning of the game and basically stopped after that. My conclusion, at the time, was the staff knew these guys are that good and didn’t want to tip our hand too much and/or risk hurting our considerably thinner defensive line. It appeared to me that they could “road grade” a reasonably talented defensive front and just didn’t need to prove anymore than they did with the first few snaps. I anticipate some boring games where we just dare the other team to stop the dive and when they can’t we just keep doing it. I’ll take a nice boring WIN every time.


  8. Bulldog Joe

    Offensive line performance will hinge on how fast our Sophomores and Freshmen (Salyer, Mays, Condon, Webb, etc.) develop when the grind inevitably sets in on our starters.


  9. Mayor

    The single thing I appreciate most about Kirby is he changed the culture of UGA football from finesse to smashmouth–and not only that, the team became the most smashmouth team in the nation. Still has the skill people, but primarily smashmouth to the extreme. Smashmouth works. The other teams hate playing Georgia now because they know it will be a brutal, physical game.


    • Classic City Canine

      Yeah, Bobo ran a real finesse offense. Georgia definitely didn’t like pounding the rock with Gurley, Moreno, Chubb, etc.


  10. sectionzalum

    “You look out there at the physicality and you’re like, ‘This is what you want, iron sharpening iron, really good players against really good players,’ and our practices are harder than 90% of the games,” Smart said. “Only 10% of the games will be tougher than practice.“

    Hubba hubba


  11. I know he’s a defensive minded coach and he really wants everybody to knock the crap out of the guy across from them not just the offensive linemen.I believe you’re right though Senator on his favorite group. If he were Bobby Cox and the Braves Pittman would be Mazzone and the OLine would be his starting rotaion.


  12. Macallanlover

    I feel Big Sam should begin selling the concept that OL players, like RBs will benefit from fewer snaps as we rotate lines 1, 2, and 3. Fresh players tend to not be injured as much. Got to keep that cord wood stacked up. We had a “maybe” starting offensive guard named to the All SEC team today by the coaches. Funny thing is, he probably belongs there even if Mays beats Cleveland out by starting several games. I also think they may have overlooked both Sayler and Mays. Got to keep the message fresh out there on the trail, there are studs standing in line to play for the Pit Boss. We could use three fresh lines on hand for years, and play them all. (Headed for the showers now myself.)