“It’s all about gratitude.”

NCAA to college athletes:  free college, room and board, and a COA stipend are plenty fair compensation for you.

UL football coach Billy Napier:  hold my beer, assholes.

Starting with the beginning of this school year, all scholarship UL football players will be required to be a minimal level $50 member of the RCAF. The rule will be optional for walk-on members of the squad.

If you’ve wondered where the first football players’ strike might originate…


UPDATE:  Looks like we have another First Rule of Holes violation.

Napier reappeared in front of the media Friday after this blew up into a national story and said he misspoke the first time around and that the program was voluntary. However, he clearly doubled-down on the donation as a positive gesture as opposed to a completely misguided and inappropriate idea that never should have seen the light of day.

“If they cant afford it or maybe they feel like they’re stretched a little thin, they can easily come see me personally, or if they disagree with it they can see me personally and I’ll pay theirs on my behalf,” Napier said. “This is something I think we need. I think young people need it and I feel like it’s part of my job to teach them those principles and values that go along with our football program. and we’re talking about 50 a year for four years, 200 bucks, $4 and a quarter a month, 17 cents a day to basically say thank you to the people who have contributed to their experience.”

Yep, amateurs being persuaded to help fund the salaries of professionals is a principle and value that goes with a football program.

I never thought it was possible, but it appears that someone is worse at PR than Greg McGarity.


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28 responses to ““It’s all about gratitude.”

  1. MDDawg

    I’m sure the University will “help” them by deducting that $50 out of their COA stipend before they ever see it. So generous of them.


  2. stoopnagle

    Oh man that is some serious bullshit.

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  3. Olde Dawg 78

    What’s the Royal Canadian Air Force have to do with UP football? And why would anyone donate money to them?

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  4. The Truth

    Could be a scheme to move money out of one pot into another: Add $50 to the COA then take it out before the player ever sees it? Probably not — likely just an asshole move.


  5. The Georgia Way

    Rest assured, we wait until our lettermen leave school before we hit them up.



  6. For everyone wondering – its the “Rajun Cajuns Athletic Foundation”. I’m sure they are also “contributing” a separate student athletics fee too.


  7. Diving Duck

    Chauncey Manac realizing he’s not in the SEC anymore.


  8. Mick Jagger

    Actually, for the player who isn’t going to “the league”, it’s a great deal.

    That said, I think players should be able to market their images.

    I’ll duck for cover now.


    • Mick Jagger

      This was the deal I was speaking of:

      NCAA to college athletes: free college, room and board, and a COA stipend are plenty fair compensation for you.

      Sorry if I was confusing……got the weekend on the brain


  9. Should a player be a 3rd teamer and donates….say, $150…does that player get a better locker, private shower and cable, bench seats near the sprinkler and cooling equipment…..

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    • FlyingPeakDawg

      You get preferred access to the head coach.

      Elsewhere, during a radio interview yesterday, Miami coach Manny Diaz talked about how “…being the UM QB is a 24/7 JOB just like an NFL quarterback…” The tone deafness of CFB leadership is truly astonishing.


    • stoopnagle

      Now you’re thinking like a real AD.


  10. Cynical Dawg

    Y’all act like these guys don’t get paid. There are 100s of millions of dollars being funneled to FBS football players. If there ever were an above-board system in place to pay them, some would see a HELL of a pay cut.


  11. Forced gratitude is best gratitude.


  12. Doug

    McGarity is kicking himself that he didn’t think of this first.


  13. The actual quote is:
    “Starting with the beginning of this school year, all scholarship UL football players will be encouraged to be a minimal level $50 member of the Ragin’ Cajun Athletic Foundation. The move will be optional for walk-on members of the squad.” The actual word is encouraged not required. A bit of a difference. I don’t see this as a bad thing and especially for that size school.


  14. Union Jack

    My guess is that they had to check with the compliance office which ruled that making them or having them join without the contribution would be an NCAA violation.


    • Chi-town Dawg

      I’m thinking there maybe some compliance issues with unfair benefits if the coach pays for a player or loans them money. If CMR was in violation for paying bonuses to coaches out of pocket, I find it hard to believe this isn’t an NCAA violation.


  15. ChiliDawg

    I would say “in before the assholes claiming it’s actually a bargain for the player show up,” but I’m already too late.


  16. stoopnagle

    Best response:

    what if they raised money by staging some sort of athletic event that the university could sell tickets to— Holly Anderson (@HollyAnderson) August 16, 2019



  17. Former Fan

    Is it a violation for the coach to pay for the players “contribution” to the RCAF?

    I can imagine how well this would go over with my employees. “Hey, you have to give to our fund so you can learn the value of what we do for you in your job.” Yea. That woud go over like a lead ballon.


  18. Anonymous

    Sounds bad, but familiar: like my kids paying dues to the high school booster club or the teachers at a private school being encouraged to give to the endowment.