“The havoc rate is out the roof right now.”

Looking for some preseason happy talk?  J.R. Reed is prepared to dish out the happy talk you need.

By Reed’s estimation, Georgia’s havoc rate — which includes sacks, tackles for a loss, interceptions, pass breakups, and forced fumbles — is higher this preseason than it has been in his four years with the program. The defense is being more disruptive, creating more turnovers, and practicing how they want to play on Saturdays.

And against the best offensive line they’ll see all season!

From your lips to Gawd’s ears, J.R.


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5 responses to ““The havoc rate is out the roof right now.”

  1. Bigshot

    We hope it’s the best OL, but who knows.


  2. Brandon M

    In Reed’s quote he also compares Zamir to Chubb in running style and physicality. Be still my heart.


  3. Jack Klompus

    4 years?