Your Daily Gator is having another one of those days.

Remember, it’s all part of the plan ($$).

Attrition for a freshly signed class can be as unpredictable as it is destructive, so why potentially further complicate the situation by inking prospects who are academic risks?

“Because there’s a chance for them to make it,” Mullen said. “They want to be Gators. They can still go to junior college and qualify there. They can go to prep school depending on their situation with NCAA eligibility numbers. So a lot of it is, it’s a guy you start recruiting a little bit later in his career, and you look, their freshman, sophomore grades, and they really don’t have much of a chance. But all of a sudden, they pick it up as they move on and you say, OK, this guy is going to figure it out and can be a good player. I’ve had success with that with junior college players in the past as a head coach.”

When do we start referring to Gainesville as Starkville East?


UPDATE:  In case you were wondering about the math…

In other words, Mark Richt has lost control over Florida’s roster numbers.


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33 responses to “Your Daily Gator is having another one of those days.

  1. 3rdandGrantham

    So what does all of this mean?

    -More than half of their top 7-8 prospects from the ’19 class either failed to qualify, were kicked out, or left on their own accord
    -Just under 1/3rd of their current roster is comprised of transfers or JUCO players
    -Their ’19 class ended up being a complete and total disaster, which is a huge red flag given this was UF’s bump class coming off a successful year

    Starting next year, UF is in big, big trouble with monster holes in numerous key areas (DL, RB, WR, CB, OL). And if Franks leaves, you can add QB to that list as well.

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    • So what you are saying is that Florida will be weak along the lines and also weak on the perimeter next season? It’s a good thing they have such a great coach. I hope he coaches there for a long, long time.


      • practicaldawg

        If you rank him among coaches with 9+ years of SEC head coaching experience that have zero division titles or head to head wins against Kirby Smart, he’s still at the top. Long live the Mullen hype.


    • SpellDawg

      I went on 24/7 and used their Class Calculator to delete the 5 confirmed 2019 losses; brought them to 255.11, which slots them at #17 in the nation (just ahead of USCe). They could also still lose a mid-grade lineman from the class. The transfer portal might save them, but they have to produce on the field to lure the big fish transfers. This year feels like a make or break for Dancin’ Danny….

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    • all of this makes me very….very happy!


    • Uglydawg

      Yes but their hope is in the Transfer Portal..It could become more and more popular and allow high profile schools to fill in their gaps with kids that have had a bug put in their ear…”You know, UF could use you…why stay at xxx university when you can be on TV in the SEC?”. I wonder what restrictions have been placed on contacting kids at other programs with a shadow offer. Actually, I believe it has already happened. Think about it.
      That’s a hell of a way to build a program but it’s a tool…just need a secure grapevine.


  2. Bulldog Joe

    All of this could have been in Athens if McGarity got his way in 2014.

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  3. Chi-town Dawg

    Any UGA fan from the early 2010s can tell them how this story ends and it ain’t pretty

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    • Biggus Rickus

      Their situation’s probably worse. Georgia had major holes, but also extremely high end talent. Todd Gurley and Aaron Murray aren’t walking through the door down there.

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  4. Jared S.

    Don’t know why so many people think Florida is going to do really well this year. Watch them finish unranked.


    • stoopnagle

      You know, I was going to write that they don’t have to be that good to win given their schedule, but then I looked at their schedule and honestly I only see 4 solid Ws, 2 solid Ls, and 6 tosses with half of those leaning the opponent’s way. 7-5? I mean the floor is probably 6 wins, the ceiling 10.

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    • Mayor

      7-5 is about right IMHO.


  5. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch.

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  6. Dawg19

    And they call us a house of cards. Sheesh.


  7. Mayor

    And to think that Georgia almost won a national championship in 2012 with 67 scholarship players. The real reason the Dawgs lost the 2012 SECCG was fatigue along the defensive front due to lack of backup players. Mark Richt I am so glad you are gone.


    • Admiral Sackbar

      Seems to me by your own admission that he put something together that was greater than the sum of its parts. Plus with limitations coming from his own administration.

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      • Mayor

        That was the season the players got together and had a closed door meeting. I think the players themselves decided to play beyond the limitations imposed on them by CMR and the coaching staff. Of course, they couldn’t know that CMR would blow the final decision of the SECCG and cost them the SEC Championship and the national title.


  8. TimberRidgeDawg

    We played Bama in the 2012 SEC Championship game with 69 on scholarship. Crazy to think how 16 additional scholarship players might have changed that outcome. Then came the epic 2013 catastrophe of a recruiting class that sealed Richt’s fate.


  9. Cojones

    You know that we had those troubles back when and still won a few games with excellent coaching by Richt. We should take a moment and reflect how difficult this will be on this class going forward and if they have injuries? – there, but for the Grace of God, go us. When other teams are down, we shouldn’t kick sand in their face, no matter that they would do it to us in such a position as they now have. We should be humble about this happening to us and the mark of a good fan base is to be forgiving for those remarks uttered against us in haste. Just because we are rivals, we shouldn’t roil there base with detracting and hurtful language or feelings concerning their poor luck.

    Nah! Just pulling your collective Dawg dicks. Fuck’em.

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    • ApalachDawg

      Cojones – you had me very worried.
      Let there be no safe harbor for those cheesedicks. Kirby’s war machine is on the march. It will make that blue belly bastard Sherman blush with what our scorched earth policy shall be during this campaign.


    • Doug

      I laughed out loud sitting at my desk at work this morning. Thanks, Cojones, for starting my Friday off right.


    • Truckin

      Cojones, that’s funny shit there. I was worried too for a while. Mullen needs his ass handed to him.


  10. practicaldawg

    I love all their message board comments about how “Dan has to learn from this and do better.” He’s been a HC in the SEC for a decade. This is just Dan Mullen recruiting. It’s not going to get better.

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  11. jt10mc (the other one)

    “In other words, Mark Richt has lost control over Florida’s roster numbers.”

    Well played Sir, well played!


  12. Harold Miller

    So, I am hoping Flo rida has found their Ray Goff.


  13. Salty Dawg

    “Being down to 75 eligible recruited scholarship players is like being on severe probation.”

    Double-secret probation!!!