A special night, an honored guest

Cool beans.


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9 responses to “A special night, an honored guest

  1. Uglydawg

    Please invite him to your tailgating event (assuming you’ll be having one) and let all of the GTPers see him. I bet he would come. Even though a lot of us can’t/won’t afford a ticket to the game, we would enjoy the pics and comments on here.

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  2. Spike

    Yes, sir!


  3. Pantslesspatdye

    God bless America


  4. Corch Irvin Meyers New USC Trojans Corch (2020)

    Love me some Uncle Vern!

    “Cut-what a cut! What a cut! Touchdown, Georgia! Lingerie on the field!”

    — Uncle Vern, third quarter of the Auburn Blackout when Knowshon made Auburn look foolish


  5. Admiral Sackbar

    I don’t even care he mispronounced everyone’s name, he’s still my favorite play-by-play announcer ever to do a TV broadcast in college football.


  6. Al

    Nessler is great, but Verne is the GOAT.