Today, in puns

Cereal bowl, get it?  Har har har.

I’ll be here all week, folks.  Try the veal.


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  1. Otto

    Well Tony belongs in a Bowl, ND doesn’t


  2. Bigshot

    Wonder when Tidy Bowl will become a Bowl sponsor?


  3. ugafidelis



    • Mark

      We tied Arizona 13-13 after the ‘85 season. Zedajas missed a chip shot to win. That made two bowl ties in a row after the true greatest kicker of the century fell about a foot shy on a perfectly straight 71 yarder at the ‘84 Citrus Bowl.


  4. Salty Dawg

    (not) GREAAAATE!


  5. 3rdandGrantham

    Funny story about the Sun Bowl – A few years back in 2012 USC played GT in the Sun Bowl under Lane Kiffin, and let’s just say that the USC players weren’t exactly inspired to play the game. In fact, a friend of mine who was on the USC staff at the time told me in the week leading up to the game that not only was there no focus from the players, they were actually pissed to have to spend new years in El Paso and not back in L.A.

    He got word that some of them planned on purposely losing the game, and in the meantime several players even tweeted out things like “sitting in El Paso hotel room and having to play some GT school on NYE. FML.” Things like that. It was a total disaster of a week that pretty much became comical as Kiffin continued to bark at his team while they basically rolled their eyes at him and laughed.

    Sure enough, USC laid a total egg against a horrid 5-7 GT team, scoring something like only 7 points in the process. Now, if I was a betting man, I would have bet on the heavily favored Trojans beforehand, but I never bothered as, well, I’ve never bet before.

    With all that said, now that it’s called the ‘Tony the Tiger’ bowl, I’m sure that will provide proper motivation to the fortunate teams involved and, dare I say, they both will play Grrrrrreat!


    • The Tick

      don’t they sell sugar frosted flakes at waffle house?


    • MGW

      This has to stop. Please, powers that be, fix this. Let it just be “The Sun/Peach/Cotton/Liberty/Citrus/Orange/etc. Bowl, sponsored by [insert this years sponsor name, in font that isn’t 20x bigger than the bowl name]”

      If there are only going to be a few that host playoff games, at least let the others have their names and histories.

      Teams like USC are going to be less than thrilled to be in the Sun Bowl, regardless. But when programs that rarely make bowls finally get there, let them keep their dignity.

      I put whoever came up with this right up there with the people who invented pop up ads, robocalls, and Capri pants. Scum of the earth.


  6. Mayor

    Well…at least it isn’t the Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaner Sun Bowl.


  7. doofusdawg

    Guess they’re trying to get back in the mainstream… too late imo.


  8. Cojones

    Watched the Arizona team with the greatest field goal kicker of the century (they said) miss a layup at the last and lose to UGA there by a point. My kids were so bored that they couldn’t wait to get to Mexico for a week. We had dinner with Johnny Majors who, I think, was there to go for Dooley’s job if he lost (which he nearly did).


    • Bulldog Joe

      It was cool to see into another country during the tailgate but the tie game was a disappointment.

      I agree El Paso is not an exciting bowl destination. Weather is usually nice but Juarez is no longer fun, due to the drug violence. Better side trips are to the New Mexico casinos, the Ruidoso/Cloudcroft area, Las Cruces/White Sands, Carlsbad, or just a trip out to the Indian Cliffs Ranch/Cattleman’s Steakhouse.

      The good news is it’s unlikely we’ll be playing there anytime soon.


      • Cojones

        Love those places you mentioned and our trip to Mexico was through Juarez and down to the ferrocarril at Chihuahua. In the desert about 6-8 mi north of Chihuahua was a fine 5* hotel (who woodda thought?) where we stayed Christmas holidays nights(watching stars with a new telescope bought for the trip) and left our car to go by train to Canyon de Cobre, the Grand Canyon of Mexico, for 3 days and nights. It’s about halfway between Chihuahua and Los Mochis (on the ocean). Fascinating trip and destination that I recommend for the traveler that’s tired of the mundane. The train trip took us by miles and miles of orchards and crops down there until we arrived in Ponderosa pine country.

        Unless I belonged to the Sinaloa Cartel, I would never venture again into that part of Mexico, but it was astounding and refreshing when we ventured there.


  9. Bowl season sucks now. I don’t watch the non-Georgia, non-playoff games for more than 10 minutes at a time. At this point, I don’t plan to attend another non-playoff bowl game after this last Sugar Bowl fiasco. Of course, playoff tickets are so damn ridiculous I can’t see myself paying for 5 of us to attend one of those either.


  10. Is this more or less reassuring than the Brut Sun Bowl?


  11. RangerRuss

    “He who would pun would pick a pocket.”-Dr Stephen Maturin,Surgeon


  12. Bulldog1

    I believe most non playoff bowls should be eliminated Players now sit out non playoff bowl games . Teams fail to take non playoff bowl games seriously so they lose games that would have been won if anyone cared. That causes illogical poll finishes. Most bowls have terrible attendance and microscopic ratings. Why play them?


  13. Bulldog1

    This is so NASCAR . Next name change : Pork The Other White Meat Birmingham Bowl. Arkansas is the early favorite to appear