While the defense is learning havoc…

Jake Fromm is working on being “twitchy”.

“I’m trying to get more intentional with my feet,” Fromm said. “I’m trying to get twitchier. Tom Brady, he plays with unbelievable twitch in the pocket. He’s so quick. When he runs a 40, he’s not that fast, but in the pocket he’s so twitchy and so fast.”

Morris and Fromm, known as a pocket passer, spent a lot of time this offseason on playing in a contested pocket under “bad scenarios.”

“He’s a really good athlete and he has a great pocket presence,” Morris said. “He’s very twitchy in the pocket. You can see sudden movements, sudden slides, sudden little bitty half-man movements that get him out of trouble, but they’re not dramatic. I think that’s who he is.”

That work should strengthen Fromm’s arm, Morris said, “because you don’t have the luxury of using your lower half,” which should enhance mechanics.

Fromm finished 11th in the country in completion percentage last season, at 67.3%.  Morris has a goal of 72% for Fromm this season.  Talk about ambitious.  But I wouldn’t put anything Fromm puts his mind to past him.


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18 responses to “While the defense is learning havoc…

  1. Mayor

    Completion percentage isn’t the be all and end all. There are times when the QB needs to throw it away on purpose to do it on the next down. If everybody gets hung up on completion percentage that can have a negative effect in real game situations. The object is to win all the games, not have the highest completion percentage.


  2. Hobnail_Boot

    72% either means he wins the Heisman or Coley leans heavily on throwing to the tailbacks.


  3. Paul

    So where can I get a t-shirt with ‘Twitchy’ on the front and ‘Havoc’ on the back?

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  4. William H.

    Sounds like a recipe for “Happy Feet” to me. If you’re too twitchy you don’t get set right. Now, I understand, Fromm has been Mr. Dependable by and large. It might not be that big a deal. I would just hate to see him trying to do something that doesn’t ultimately help or messes up his mechanics.


  5. sectionzalum

    “Little bitty half-man movements “

    And that’s a good thing.


  6. stoopnagle

    They’ve got good synergy in the offense. Good grief.


  7. Ldawg

    Look at the runs @ 6:13, 7:27, 8:09. Our man Jake can be a better scrambler than people give credit.