Your Daily Gator doesn’t impress PAWWWLLL.

Nice offseason you’re having, Florida.

“Especially in the wake of two or three months of bad news,” Finebaum said. “The first half of the year they were on a roll. They had a good recruiting class, maybe overhyped a little bit, but it was momentum building. But really ever since all the back and forth with Georgia, it’s almost as if bad karma struck the Gators. But they have had nothing but attrition, players in trouble, players bailing out. They did pick up the linebacker from Georgia, but it’s really been a calamity of bad news and really crippling because their schedule is so difficult. This is a game that pretty much everyone, except for delusional fans from the U, has as a win.”

And here’s your basic one-sentence dismissal.

“You go up and down the roster, I don’t see how they match up to Georgia, that’s really the issue,” Finebaum said.

My, how things have changed.


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16 responses to “Your Daily Gator doesn’t impress PAWWWLLL.

  1. WCH

    Fascinating how delusional some of those UF fans are… Loving the schadenfreude!


  2. Macallanlover

    He isn’t wrong. Barring significant injuries for UGA on that weekend, it is a mismatch of talent favoring the Dawgs. I give them the edge at Punter, and WR experience…period.

    Georgia players and staff should be motivated thanks to the gayturds ongoing efforts to attack the Dawgs verbally. Not sure why their HC chose to begin a fight he won’t win, but it pretty much insured he would get “out best shot”. Pretty dumb tactic to me but it increases my confidence we win again in JAX in 2019. I am not one to ever dismiss an opponent completely because CFB is full of unlikely upsets so it is certainly possible. As a threat, I would put them around 4th or 5th on the list of teams UGA might get upset by this season, at this point. No one has played a game yet so everyone will reevaluate by the end of September after we have seen everything settle in. I would say UGA by double digits, something like 17-21 points based on talent and motivation edge.

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    • Admiral Sackbar

      Talking trash about rivals has sorta always been Dan’s thing (if you look at his MSU days, he was constantly saying disparaging remarks about Ole Miss). Dan’s an ass but I wouldn’t say he’s a dumbass; he looks at Georgia and sees if he doesn’t get up to speed soon he’s going to find himself in the coaches’ “transfer portal,” if you will. I don’t have any more insider info than the average joe but I do think Dan is looking to this year’s WLOCP as not just the make or break for their entire season, but potentially a pivotal game for years to come for the Florida program.

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      • Macallanlover

        I don’t disagree that he is actually aware of the short fall of talent, I just think his tactic of running his mouth is exactly the opposite of what he should be doing. Perhaps he should go back and listen to some of Dooley’s poor mouthing interviews to learn how this is done successfully. And let’s not forget, this didn’t begin after last season when his fans got all pumped up about a hollow victory over a disinterested Michigan team, he started the previous December with his blind hog/acorn statement.

        I am pleased that he has raised the stakes with his mouth, the same as a poker player holding a Royal Flush is happy when opponents go “all in” in front of his bet. (I had read about his antics about Ole Miss while he was at Missy State, easier to back that talk up, and not as many ears tuned in either. I really like how Kirby has (not) responded….raises my confidence greatly.)


      • ugafidelis

        Pretty soon he’ll be saying that he invented this rivalry.


    • Cojones

      As a coach with the talent that attrition has left him, what better way to call attention to the national FU memes of lazy pundits who were rating you upwards because of your season close and rating the Dawgs downward because of our close?

      They weren’t looking at rosters and had amnesia about a game played in J’ville. Mullen got free press from the idiots and took full advantage, otherwise the pundits might drop by and see you are about to go down a rat hole. He knew the lazy idiots would rate him higher than he deserved and was glad to see the up tick in excitement to days of yore that the lizard fans get excited about. So Mullen thought it was cute to stomp the juice from the wildass grapes that fell into his lap; he parroted the usual old pig and acorn, attendance numbers riddle, and other grade school memes that the pundits latched onto for clicks. He acted as if he had just out-recruited UGA when his number went higher with a 5-player differential that the lazy pundits closed their eyes to and gave him ink. Btw, speaking of pundits and especially Orlando awipes, have you heard from any of them lately?

      And do you know who figured it out and even told of Mullen consistently whining about UGA when he visited Hogtown? Finebaum. He thought it was as low class as we did, especially with the obvious difference as to who has the better team. Now that the shit is rolling downhill upon him, Mullen seems to have sucked back into his shell quicker than a US Senator we know.

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    No doubt we’re gonna kick their ass.


  4. Russ2

    Finebaum is a total dumbass. He needs to wipe Saban’s shit off his nose before going on air. Fromm saved us last year in a closer game than the score indicates.


    • Dawg19

      I beg to differ. Halftime and a ridiculous goal-line stand kept us from putting at least 45 on Florida.


      • Russ

        Exactly. That game wasn’t close. They lead for about 3 minutes with 25 minutes left in the game. Wound up losing by three TDs which is about right.


    • Cojones

      And Finebaum has no love for Mullen’s antics and admires what Georgia has become. He is no dumbass when it comes to these two teams and shouts the difference whenever he can. He is the one who has called Mullen out on the SEC scene.


  5. The Dawg abides

    There was no back and forth as Finebaum states. Nothing but a lot of ‘forth’ from Mullen’s big mouth.

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  6. W Cobb Dawg

    Back and forth?! All Mullen has done is run his mouth. Meanwhile, just about everything has been falling apart around him.

    Kirby has been as quiet as a church mouse – while poaching their DB coach and in getting in position to land about 5 of the best recruits in their back yard.

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  7. Russ

    Well, he tells the truth. Not sure there’s a first teamer on their roster that I’d swap with one of our second teamers.


  8. whb209

    We (UGA) had better watch out, they (UF) have a great long-snapper..