Today, in always be ‘crootin’.

From an article in The Athletic about how hard it is for the vast majority of teams to crack the playoff field and win a natty ($$), here’s a helluva quote:

Wilson is the creator of The Action Network’s college football betting power ratings, a hobby-turned-profession that is entering its 11th season. Wilson’s ratings, like most matters with the sport, start with recruiting. From there, he relies on several advanced statistics (mean power rating, net turnovers, havoc) and trend lines. In this era, he says, a team’s defensive disruption is more indicative of success than its explosiveness on offense, since explosive offenses are pretty much par for the course among competitive teams these days.

Wilson, who has contributed to The Athletic, has Clemson No. 1 to start 2019 with a 99.8 rating. Alabama is second at 98.9. Georgia, at No. 3, is 93.7, the difference marking what a hypothetical spread would be between the Bulldogs and either program.

… For all of the champs or near-champs that came out of left field, Wilson sees a common theme: rich recruiting and a relatively new coaching staff. During the BCS era, Auburn made the biggest jump of any champion, going from 14th to first in 2010. Chizik was in his second year then, in the same scenario that Kirby Smart was in at Georgia in 2017, when the Bulldogs leapt from 25th to second.

Based on his program’s trajectory, Smart could either end up crashing the party soon or reinforce the old tropes about how few teams really have a chance, depending on your point of view.

“It starts at recruiting, and even when Saban falls, don’t fool yourself: Kirby Smart is the Empire from ‘Star Wars,’ ” Wilson says. “That is version 2.0. They’re the next 15 years. That’s what Georgia is.”  [Emphasis added.]

Jimmies and Joes will take you a long way.  Note also what he says about havoc.  Mr. Wilson gets Mr. Smart, and vice versa.


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20 responses to “Today, in always be ‘crootin’.

  1. ugafidelis

    Hope springs eternal.


  2. stoopnagle

    “They’re the next 15 years. That’s what Georgia is.”

    Oh, please, dear baby Jesus, let it be true.

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  3. Jeff Sanchez

    Yeah, but Clemson is doing it NOW. With recruiting comporable, if not a little worse, than UGA over the last few years


    • Cojones

      Yeah, and when we all go forward with comparable machines in the race, only one can win. Only one or two plays make the difference and that’s the luck part that may or may not decide the champion, no matter which side where you end up being. With Kirby and Co recruiting the way they are, I will have the patience of Job to see those plays land on our side.

      Nice guy, Wilson – 15 yrs, eh?


      • Jeff Sanchez

        I think you may be the only UGA fan with Job-like patience fwiw.

        I guess having back-to-back “generational” (I know that’s a contradiction) QBs helps a lot.


    • TomReagan

      As good as Jake Fromm is, I don’t think he’s Trevor Lawrence. More importantly, though, was that Clemson had the film of us and Oklahoma giving Alabama fits. At least I think so.


  4. Rex

    I’ll believe it when it happens.


  5. JCDawg83

    Georgia has been the next powerhouse program for about 20 years now. I’ll believe we have arrived when I see it. In the last 36 seasons we’ve had some great players, great wins and some very good seasons and we have exactly 3 SEC championships to show for it. In that same time period, every one of our historic rivals has at least one national championship.

    You will have to excuse me for not buying into the hype anymore.

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    • California dawg

      You sound like a blast.

      We’ve arrived. If the last two seasons haven’t made you realize that, I don’t know what to tell you. What programs outside of bama and clemson would you want to trade places with right now? It took Dabo 8 years of mediocrity and embarrassing losses to South Caro-fuckin-lina before he was able to put all the elite pieces together to win the big one. Meanwhile Kirby’s came within one play of winning it all in 2 seasons, and is recruiting lights out. The hype is beyond real.

      I know it’s summer and we’re all drunk on preseason kool-aid, but I don’t care. As someone who graduated in 2005, it’s never felt greater to be a bulldog.


  6. Cry Havoc and let slip the Dawgs of war!