Today, in Jimmies and Joes

Yesterday, somebody on Twitter posted data on how teams match up based on the 247Composite ratings.  No, it’s not definitive in that it doesn’t include unranked players or account for player development, but it’s still quite interesting in painting a general picture of overall talent levels.

Here’s how Florida and Miami match up in advance of Saturday night’s game.

Screenshot_2019-08-21 Zane on Twitter I agree with BudElliott3 that recruiting rankings shouldn't be used to pick games, bu[...]

Boy, both of those offensive lines look like hot messes.  I’m a little surprised by Florida’s poor showing at defensive line, but that may simply presage a severe lack of quality depth at that position.

One more chart for your review — an SEC 24/7 recruiting ranking by position group.

Screenshot_2019-08-21 Comparing 24 7 College Football Recruiting Rankings By Position Group

Yeah, Alabama and Georgia are dominant, which is no real surprise, but check out Tennessee.  Overall, it’s not elite, but there’s certainly more talent there than recent history indicates.  In that regard, Auburn’s another example of last year’s record perhaps not indicating the current state of its talent level (which is clearly higher than UT’s).


UPDATE:  Check out the chart for Florida and Georgia.

Screenshot_2019-08-21 24 7 Composite Rankings Compare NCAA College Football Recruiting

I know Gator fans like to wrap themselves in the comfort that Mullen runs rings around Smart from a coaching standpoint, but with that talent disparity, Dan needs to be the second coming of the Bear and Steve Spurrier rolled into one.


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25 responses to “Today, in Jimmies and Joes

  1. 81Dog

    Wonder if maybe our WR group outperforms its rating? Even at “only” 4, it’s pretty good. First tier problems are a nice change.


  2. The difference between us an AL on the Secondary and D-Line are where we are really deficient. The other differences are negligible.That is what it has looked like when we have faced them the last two times as well. Unfortunately there is not much signs of improvement on the D-Line.


  3. Atticus

    And we are thinking the Mizz game is going to be tough… why?


    • mp

      I do not think that game will be tough, but I do think that there is a chance UGA is their only loss (OOC schedule only has a rebuilding WVU)… Very favorable SEC schedule for them (South Caroilna and Florida at home, Ole Miss & Arkansas (on road) from the West). I could see them going 7-1 in the SEC if Kelly Bryant winds up working out, but that’s not the same thing as saying they’ll be tough.


  4. Dawg93

    I get that Mizzou has a fairly easy schedule by SEC standards, but I think folks picking them to finish second or third in the East are premature.


  5. Argondawg

    3 of UTs top 4 OL are true Freshmen and their best OL is Trey Smith and I am not sure if he has been or will be cleared for contact, They should see pretty dramatic improvement by next year.


  6. BMan

    I’m sure Auburn’s true freshman Bo Nix will be really good, but once again it seems like the (INSERT AUBURN QB) for Heisman campaign is well underway.

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    • W Cobb Dawg

      Seeing Aubie #1 at QB made me laugh. For example, they are rated far ahead of aTm, which returns Mond – who’s started 18+ games.


    • ugafidelis

      Well clearly an untested true freshman is infinitely better than Fromm, TT, et al. Duh!


  7. dawgtired

    I agree with the questions about Mizzu. How have they competed so well in the SEC and why do people expect it to continue?
    I’m hurt that our OL is not ranked 1st.
    How is it that ArKansas doesn’t have more last place positions?
    It appears that A&M and Tenn are rising to compete…
    Alabama: When the only position you’re not ranked first is very good…UGH!
    Georgia: When your worst ranking is 4th …:) Happiness!!


  8. SSB Charley

    I have to say I like where our lines match up with Florida’s. Would not have thought their DL would be rated that poorly, but I’m here for it.

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  9. Salty Dawg

    I’m not buying what they are selling. Are they high? They ranked an unproven freshman for Allbarn above AL in QB? The vowels ranking at O line? Oh, that’s right, this is from 24/7. Nevermind.


    • I may have misread the post but I did not interpret the chart as rating Auburn’s starting QB against our stating QB or Alabama’s starting QB. I interpreted it as rating the recruiting ratings of each school’s QB roster. We have a 5 star, a 4 star and whatever Bennett rated. If I interpret it correctly Auburn rates higher because all of its scholarshipped backups rated higher than Bennett. Same with the Alabama and Auburn comparison. If both Hurts and Fields had stayed both UGA and Alabama would have been higher than Auburn.


  10. DawgPhan

    Those are really neat charts. Great way to show the difference in recruiting.


  11. McNease

    I’d like to see the UGA-UF comparison but broken out between first team and backups. I’d guess the gap between first teamers to be real, but the gap between the backups, who will play significant minutes, to be massive.


  12. stars are fine but I don’t trade our running backs for anyone’s…including Bama’s. Do agree with ant….D-line depth worries me.


  13. stoopnagle

    Yeah but what about heart? And uniform color?


  14. Pedro

    It appears to me like Mizzou and Kentucky deserve the “coaching up players” moniker more than Team Jort.


  15. Classic City Canine

    It’s always interesting to see these charts because you can tell both who recruits well and who coaches up their players. Clearly UT does not have a bare cupboard of talent to work with. They’ve just been abysmal at player development. On the other hand, UK and Mizzou are doing a great job of coaching up their 3 stars to overachieve.


  16. Classic City Canine

    It also looks like Georgia has done a great job of closing the quanitative talent gap with Bama (and Clemson), but hasn’t closed the qualitative gap. We need more All-SEC/All-American/1st Rounders like Bama has. I think there are some on this roster that haven’t emerged yet because of youth, but I think Kirby is still playing catch-up right now.