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Misty water-colored memories

Yeah, like the Georgia game that year, when Johnson managed a whopping 44 yards on five catches with no touchdowns and a long gain of 10 yards.  Can’t believe ol’ Chan doesn’t mention that one.



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It’s hard to be a saint in the city.

I’m guessing there won’t be a more insufferable read this year than this soon to be released book about Jim Harbaugh.

“Look,” Dudek says in the book, “we know there are people who don’t operate on the same moral ground that not only Michigan expects, but that coach Harbaugh demands.”



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Actions speak louder, etc.

How do you know when schools are lying about player compensation?  When they move their lips say it’s about principle.


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Is strength of schedule a matter of perspective?

From Mandel’s latest Mailbag ($$) comes this bit of wisdom from Brian Fremeau:

Imagine two schedules. Schedule A consists of the six best teams in the country and the six worst. Schedule B consists of the 12 most average teams in the country. Which is tougher? Ask Alabama, and they’ll obviously say Schedule A. Alabama would have a much easier time running the table against Schedule B. But ask the worst team in the country which one is easier, and they’ll say the opposite. The worst team in the country would have a hell of a time winning a single game against Schedule B.

That’s a really sharp observation, if for no other reason than it’s a good reminder of one of college football’s defining features, its lack of parity.


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“It certainly didn’t accomplish what everybody hoped it would.”

Really, is anybody even the slightest bit surprised that, when it comes to recruiting logistics, Kirby Smart has more on the ball than Phil Fulmer?


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A Boom divided against himself…

Will Muschamp is complicated.

Muschamp grew up a big Herschel Walker fan in Rome, Georgia. His dad then moved to Gainesville, Florida, where Muschamp began pulling for the Gators.

In 1980, Walker ran for 1,616 yards as an 18-year-old freshman with 238 of those yards coming in a season-defining 26-21 win for Georgia over Florida.

Whenever the game is replayed on the SEC Network, Muschamp makes his kids watch just for the sheer history.

“I cried that day the Gators lost. I was devastated,” Muschamp said.

Jeez, man.  I don’t know I’da told that one.


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Thursday morning buffet

Fresh from the oven…


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