“It certainly didn’t accomplish what everybody hoped it would.”

Really, is anybody even the slightest bit surprised that, when it comes to recruiting logistics, Kirby Smart has more on the ball than Phil Fulmer?


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4 responses to ““It certainly didn’t accomplish what everybody hoped it would.”

  1. Biggus Rickus

    I’m thinking correlation doesn’t equal causation, though I’m amazed anyone thought it would save money.


    • It’s almost as silly as the people that argued it would simply be a mechanism to allow players already committed to end the recruiting process to make their lives easier over the holidays. The coaches have clearly just escalated their own timelines and now the early signing period IS signing day as far as they’re concerned.


  2. Now with the early commitments, players typically can’t improve their standing their senior year. I like the new process, but anyone who thought it was going to reduce the cost of recruiting probably keeps the local Krispy Kreme in business.


  3. Whiskeydawg

    Phil’s Krispy Kreme budget went up in direct corlation with the recruitment costs.