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Forget it, Jake. It’s Knoxville.

This will end well.

Domestic assault and a mass shooting threat?  That’s like checking off some crazed bucket list.  Man, is Fulmer gonna throw the book at a starting player, or what?

Why, he could be suspended for **checks Tennessee’s schedule** three whole games!



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Andy Staples on Feleipe Franks

“Doesn’t suck as much as he used to” may not be the take you need, but it’s certainly the one you want.


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Consider the source

A knife shiv from the man who invented Seat 37F:


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Three degrees of Jake

What’s way more interesting to me than the details of this post is the fact that its premise is a legitimate topic of discussion, which, for Georgia football, is a pretty remarkable point.


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Coaching math

The only person more consoled by that than Arizona fans right now is Jimmy Sexton.

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Name that caption, two heads are better than one edition

So much joy there.


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While you were sleeping…

Last night marked one of those rare occasions when I regret living on the East Coast during college football season, because I went to bed and missed the epic shitshow that was the Arizona-Hawaii game.

And I do mean epic.  Hawaii’s first ten possessions were marked by five turnovers and five touchdowns, which admittedly is balanced, but still led to this:

Which is not to say Arizona didn’t have its fair share of screwing up.  Again, say hi to epic.

What he means by that cryptic last sentence is the way the game ended.

Epic, indeed.


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Your Daily Gator emerges victorious.

Sure, I could give you 500 words on Florida’s epic win last night over a team that doesn’t have a functioning offensive tackle, but instead, I’m gonna outsource the job to one Steven Orr Spurrier, who’s forgotten more football than I’ll ever know.

That came after Franks’ inexplicable late interception, but there were plenty of other moments worthy of that take.

Oh, and if you wanna get meta for a sec, here’s commentary on Spurrier’s commentary.

With bonus commentary on the commentary…


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