Forget it, Jake. It’s Knoxville.

This will end well.

Domestic assault and a mass shooting threat?  That’s like checking off some crazed bucket list.  Man, is Fulmer gonna throw the book at a starting player, or what?

Why, he could be suspended for **checks Tennessee’s schedule** three whole games!



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15 responses to “Forget it, Jake. It’s Knoxville.

  1. ugafidelis

    Reminiscent of Chris “time to die bitch” Rainey.


  2. sniffer

    Sounds like he is at the level “living up to Gator standards”.

    I predict he will enter the portal today and be in Gainesville by September 1.
    it could happen


  3. Mike Cooley

    Kirby arrives in Athens and constructs death star east precisely when our rivals simultaneously seem to have taken up a meth habit. What a time to be alive.


    • spur21

      LOL the Hill Billy’s are blaming it on “Bad Luck”


    • Biggus Rickus

      I liked the “Good thing Warren Burrell is a baller.” comment. I had to look him up, and generally speaking, reliance on 3-star freshmen at cornerback isn’t the best situation.


    • Dawgflan

      Thanks for sharing, I made it a few pages deep and found one of my all-time favorite posts from a guy basically saying:

      This has me really excited about the strength and conditioning program – dude was able to rip a gate off its hinges! First off the bus!


  4. sectionzalum

    Paging Lady Herbstreit! Paging Lady Herbstreit!


  5. Nashville West

    Turns out that da Nile is the river outside Neyland stadium

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  6. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    Maybe only a two game suspension. He’s to get some reps before the schedule gets serious.


  7. Alleged or not…a terroristic threat is just that, plus assault on another human being and that poor defense less gate….smells like roid rage or Tennessee meth or combo of the two…ut, five star heart champions


  8. Doug

    The Fulmer Cup is about to be reclaimed by its namesake. Get after it, Vols.


  9. doofusdawg

    Zero tolerance for losing… lol.


  10. Spike

    Bryce wants to know if anybody has The Bagman’s number?..