Three degrees of Jake

What’s way more interesting to me than the details of this post is the fact that its premise is a legitimate topic of discussion, which, for Georgia football, is a pretty remarkable point.


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  1. dawgtired

    I remember some years back at FSU, Bobby Bowden had 3 highly ranked (thought of) QBs on his roster. I questioned then, “How does Bobby persuade highly recruited players to stay at FSU while sitting the bench?” The anxiety of talented players has only gotten worse since then. I’m sure they all want to play now regardless of NFL prospects but many of these kids realize their time on the field in college is their showcase for the future. Like internship for Pro ball. The pressure is on the coaches to keep current talent as much as recruiting new talent. I’m a Jake Fromm fan, he has held off or beat out some very talented QBs.


  2. The Dawg abides

    I saw a tweet last night from somewhere showing the Fromm domino effect. Something to the effect of Fromm sending Eason to UW, eventually causing two of their qbs to transfer. Then Fromm sending Fields packing, which causes two anOSU qbs to leave. Then Martell winds up moving to WR.

    On another note, I’ve been browsing the rosters of most teams in the SEC and ACC, along with most of the higher ranked teams, and it seems the new norm is three qbs on scholarship. And most are tiered with a clear number one, an inexperienced backup, and a freshman or redshirt freshman. I don’t see many teams that won’t be in at least a little trouble if the top guy goes down.


  3. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    It’s a remarkable situation, and the best thing is that articles like this will provide incentive for Jake to continue to compete against guys no longer on the roster, although I doubt he really needs that; he is going to compete anyway because it is how he is wired. Still, a fun thought.


  4. Mayor

    UGA will have to beat out UDub for a playoff slot or possibly play them in the playoff. Gonna happen. Just wait.