While you were sleeping…

Last night marked one of those rare occasions when I regret living on the East Coast during college football season, because I went to bed and missed the epic shitshow that was the Arizona-Hawaii game.

And I do mean epic.  Hawaii’s first ten possessions were marked by five turnovers and five touchdowns, which admittedly is balanced, but still led to this:

Which is not to say Arizona didn’t have its fair share of screwing up.  Again, say hi to epic.

What he means by that cryptic last sentence is the way the game ended.

Epic, indeed.



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7 responses to “While you were sleeping…

  1. Scuba

    This will teach me not to read my favorite UGA blog before watching the late Saturday night game that I recorded.
    I wish we could have opened with UF. Any team that can pick up the blitz will score often on that defense. Their QB is still a 50/50 passer who can not be counted on to make good decisions. My how the script has flipped for gator fans. We have the jimmies and joes now. They have wait till next year to console their gator dreams of past glory. I can’t wait to get to JAX this year. For a long time I only looked forward to the trip and seeing old friends and dreaded the walk back to my car before the game ended.


  2. Macallanlover

    I admit to drifting off and missing the conclusion. Not the style of football most of us expect, or fell in love with, but if you can stand the West Coast announcers many weekends have very entertaining games. Don’t think that time issue is ever going to allow the PAC 12 to get the attention they seek on Saturdays using the current scheduling.

    Playing at 9 AM PST is not the answer, they will have to do the Thursday & Friday night thing to get eyeballs on them, at least for their better games. I know many of you hate that option, but there just isn’t much else for them. Before you say something about the poor fans, first of all there isn’t that many people who will be inconvenienced. Stadiums are usually half full anyway, and the tailgating scene isn’t what occurs in the South and Midwest. The sport is failing/ fading in that geography, and that isn’t healthy.

    BTW, I have hung onto hopes that Sumlin would eventually succeed as a HC but, nice guy that he is, these first two efforts at Zona do not look like he has figured it out. The Wildcats are not moving forward in 2019, and they were bad last season. Hate that for Sumlin.

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  3. Cojones

    Didn’t appear to have time left to call timeout, if they had one. Saw it misused a couple of times in the FU game.

    Btw, the turnover game was normal on recoveries/losses of the ball and not tilted as much as last year. That -12 last year certainly helped not losing two of their games that they should have lost. Seven season wins plus a bowl win makes for an 8-game season. No wonder Dan trolled us and many left, then there’s the rest of the season.


    • Kanu

      They would have had 40 seconds more the start the drive if they hadn’t wasted their 1st timeout with 1:50 left on their 4th FG attempt in that sequence. As it was they started final drive with like :50 left and should have had 1:30 if they had managed to avoid the keystone cops routine.

      They then went on to waste another 6 seconds by not clocking it on 1st down at UH 20 with :22 left instead snapping it with :16 left. The last play looks like they needed about 3 extra seconds to spike ball at 1 yd line to run a final play.


  4. Russ

    I watched the first half. Entertaining for sure, but yeah a sloppy game.


  5. Otto

    45-38, a zillion yards passing? Glad I didn’t flip over to that game.


  6. Kanu

    Haha that wasn’t even half of the craziness. There was also Zona’s D forcing 6 turnovers and still managing to give up 45 points, which is pretty damn impressive if you think about it. As it winning the turnover battle 6 to 2 and still losing by a TD.

    And then on the last drive, Zona gets 1st down with :22 left at about the UH 20, insanely doesn’t clock it but runs a play, and loses 6 seconds snapping the ball on 1st down with :16 left. And all the while Neuheiael is saying that is what they should do and then he says “excellent, excellent” as they do it. Again, I wonder if those extra 5-6 might have come in handy.

    It really was something to behold.