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Fabris Pool PSA

Week One picks, with the spread, are up at the site.  Time for y’all to dazzle!


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Your Daily Gator is convincing.

Among national pundits, USA Today’s Paul Myerberg was relatively unimpressed with Florida this preseason, placing them fifteenth in his initial team rankings.

Now, with their epic win over Miami in hand, Myerberg has seen the light, ranking the Gators in his top ten dropping the Gators all the way down to 28th in his post-Week 0 list.


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Yeah, he watched that Florida game, too.


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ATL in the 404

Tell you what — if I were Geoff Collins with that roster, I’m not sure I publish a depth chart either.

And let’s hear it for Jahaziel Lee, who appears to be on the verge on becoming college football’s first two-way lineman in Gawd knows how long.


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Random Monday morning question

So, what exactly is Kirby doing with the extra practice time he’s got now that he doesn’t have to spend any of it prepping for Georgia Tech’s triple option?


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Asking the wrong person the right question

LSU quarterback Joe Burrow demands to know why someone feels entitled to what student-athletes contribute to the football program’s bottom line.  One twist, though.  He posed the question to a professor at the school.

Screenshot_2019-08-26 LSU athletic department $7 2 million fund transfer policy to be re-evaluated, sparks campus-wide debate

They just do woke differently in Baton Rouge.


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Bill Norton, we hardly knew ye.

What do you get when you add a DUI arrest to being buried early on the depth chart?


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So much drama

I’m not trying to make light of this story — there’s a (probably drunk) Miami fan who deserves to be slapped with an assault charge — but the update at the end is classic.


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The most important stat from Week 0

Oh, yeah, they’ll be doing that again.


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“That was exhausting,”

Pro Football Focus’ Florida game grades are a thing of beauty.

If you picked Franks to have the lowest score of all players who participated in 10 or more snaps, give yourself a gold star.


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