“That was exhausting,”

Pro Football Focus’ Florida game grades are a thing of beauty.

If you picked Franks to have the lowest score of all players who participated in 10 or more snaps, give yourself a gold star.


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  1. RangerRuss

    Franks does a decent job as QB considering he’s a goatboy. Lowering his head and ramming through the line for a TD is taking full advantage of his heritage. He looks almost human with his beard shaved.


  2. Tatum

    Huge step forward


  3. DBU, my @$$. When Williams got time to throw, he made some plays against that defense.


    • The Black Irish

      I know right!? We have been hearing all year about how this secondary is one of the best in the country…


      • Look at the PFF ratings. Their DBs were at the bottom of the list.


        • W Cobb Dawg

          I was really surprised when the announcers pointed out that fu’s starting WRs made the tackle on a punt. Made me wonder whether they are so thin at DB they have to use WRs as gunners?

          Whenever they have a close game, players like Zuniga are gonna have to stay on the field for every snap. Mullen’s offenses aren’t built to bleed clock and Grantham’s defenses are focused on pressuring as much as possible. That recipe makes me wonder if they are gonna wear those starters down to the nub midway through the year, particularly on D.


          • In their defense, Mecole was a gunner on our punt coverage team (Sony was in the past as well). I think wide receivers are just used that way because of speed and ball skills.

            Totally agree about their defensive line … they are going to struggle against teams that can match them physically. Zuniga in particular isn’t going to run by Andrew Thomas.

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  4. Florida has a DL, and that’s about it. The OL is not great. Franks is “consistent at times” and when you combine Franks and that OL, you can’t take advantage of the skill talent they have. This is an 8 win team that will probably lose by 21 points to Mizzou again.


    • practicaldawg

      Yeah I kept thinking about Mizz after this game. I can see Bryant dancing around Grantham’s over-eager LBs for massive yards. That’s going to be one long day in the “other” Columbia.


  5. CVegas Dawg

    Easy guys! Thats the number 8 team in the country you are banging on.


  6. 81Dog

    I could see the improvement in Che Franks as he confidently fired that strike into the numbers of the Miami DB late in the 4th. To be fair, the DB was wide open.

    I’m sure they can count on 65 yard screens for TDs to happen every week, too. It’s not that he lacks any talent. He just lacks field vision and consistency.


    • Here’s hoping that one nice deep ball Franks threw for a TD is enough to keep Mullen believing he can make a real quarterback out of him.

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      • 81Dog

        As we say in the old country, that one play is now a license for FF to write bad checks. Sorta like Manute Bol heaving up a brick from 3 point range that goes in. “SEE? I’M A SHOOTER, GET THE BALL, THAT’S MY SPOT, DOG!”

        Orto paraphrase Journey, don’t. stop. deep heaving! Hold onto that feeeeeeling!

        Also, classic Grantham D in crunch time. I haven’t seen that kind of 4th quarter defensive execution since he left Athens. Thank goodness.


      • Got Cowdog

        Maybe I was dreaming it (past my bedtime, you know) but I could have sworn Dopey Dan was smarmily pledging allegiance to Felipe in the postgame interview?


  7. Comin' Down The Track

    My friend, Joe, calls him Philip Hotdogs. So, I shall use that name for him in perpetuity.


  8. Cojones

    For their first week of play, FU’s injury list included three suspensions, a dismissal and a season lost injury. Suspended were a DB, WR and a DL, dismissed was a DB and season ending injury, a DB. That’s three DBs right there and I’m curious as hell as to how their D is going to represent by the time we play them.

    Heard our four QBs practiced all day Sunday throwing in anticipation of the plays they will execute in the Nov 2 game. Hoo Boy!


  9. Mayor

    I’m not sure how I feel about Franks. I’m glad he’s shitty because he’s FU’s QB but it makes me wonder if the rest of the FU team is better than we thought because they win in spite of him.


  10. Cousin Eddie

    He needs to focus on the game and not talking to the stands, unless he wants to be a cheerleader. If he was having a great game ok take time to rev up the crowd but with the night he was having he should have been talking to the coaches and his OL.
    And averaging 1.9 yards a carry, looks like Smart was correct to start trying to get more Havoc because that run game is not scaring anyone.