Yeah, he watched that Florida game, too.


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  1. BMan

    For instance, if the Dawgs decided to deploy a turnstile at left tackle the way Miami did, we wouldn’t be prepared for Florida’s pass rush.

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  2. Granthams replacement

    The turnstile Offensive lineman left in 2016.


  3. practicaldawg

    For example, Grantham was so worried about 3rd down, he hadn’t practiced defending 4th and 34.

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    • Grantham hasn’t learned anything in his 10 years of being a defensive coordinator at the college level. He seems to believe that QB pressure is the only thing that matters. In the meantime, his secondaries have generally had mediocre to poor fundamentals (or can’t even remember to knock a ball down). That’s coaching, nothing more nothing less.


  4. Kirby doesn’t off season smack talk.

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  5. tbia

    Kirby throws shade much better than Big Dan.


  6. dawgxian

    That’s much more professional than “now I know how Fleece Johnson feels when he eyes a new victim”


  7. As long as we don’t play a 245 lb tackle on the OL, we’ll be better prepared than Miami.