No freaking fear

Tech talk.

“We’re not going to be afraid to go out and play anybody anywhere,” offensive coordinator Dave Patenaude said. “We’ll just put the ball down and play whoever we get a chance to play. That’s kind of our mentality.”

“So the big message for us in our defensive meeting room is, know them, and we literally put up a slide (Sunday in a meeting): Know them,” Thacker said. “But more important, know us and then, no freaking fear. I don’t think our kids are going to fear anything, I really don’t.”


Carpenter didn’t cite his sources, but according to ESPN’s Football Power Index, that’s actually generous. That metric accords the Jackets a 1.2 percent chance of emerging from Death Valley with victory.

As of Sunday, it was the lowest win probability for any power-five team against another power-five team for the entire season, according to ESPN. It’s a tick lower than two other Tigers opponents visiting Death Valley – Boston College (1.8%) and Wake Forest (2.2%).




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11 responses to “No freaking fear

  1. stoopnagle

    That’s adorable!


  2. Got Cowdog

    I am actually afraid for the children ….


  3. Spike

    Bless their little hearts..


  4. Texas Dawg

    Kind of like most chihuahuas. They have a lot of bark and no fear. They are small and obnoxious. They often go after much larger dogs,,,,,,,and usually get torn to shreds.


  5. Is Travis Etienne going to let Fech’s defense tackle him when he gets tired?

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  6. Walter Geiger

    clemson puts 50 on the the first half.


  7. Whiskeydawg

    My first thought after reading that was the poem by Lord Tennyson, The Charge of the Light Brigade.


  8. Texas Dawg

    This could be more competitive than we think. Heck, GT may even get the ball across the 50 yard line before the night is over.


  9. Macallanlover

    Laying the points in this one, and I don’t think Dabo wants to, or needs to, run the score up. Is this coach going to run his mouth all season long while he 2-10, or so? He reminds me of Butch Jones with all the cute little sayings and philosophies.

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  10. TSlick

    The Clemson -21.5 1H is manna from heaven


  11. Cojones

    But…but…but what about Lee? I can’t look.

    Seriously, I feel for the native Georgian players on Tech’s team and their sense of state pride in this game. Of course, the most successful QB in the US from Georgia will be playing in that game, so I guess the state pride of players will remain intact.