RUTS? In Athens?

Mike Griffith parses a comment of Kirby’s to see an offensive future unlike any other Georgia offense we’ve seen.

But when Smart said he wants his offense “to be explosive, we want to score points,” the interpretation here was that Georgia may not take its foot off the gas as it often did last season.

“I think in college football nowadays you’ve gotta be able to score points,” Smart said. “You look at the best teams in the country they can do that. So we’ve got to be able to score points.”

Last season, Georgia finished fourteenth overall in scoring, at 37.9 points per game.  The only season to surpass that was 2014, Bobo’s last, when Georgia scored 41.3 ppg, good enough for eighth.  Piling on points has never been part of the Georgia Way, so to speak.

Now, like most of you, I happen to think it’s generally better for Georgia to keep the pedal to the metal longer than its offensive coordinators/head coaches have, but that and five bucks will get me a small latte at Starbucks.  There’s a legitimate strategic point to that this season, at least early, since Georgia’s offense is generally considered to be a stronger unit than the defense.

Is it reasonable to expect the second string offense to pour it on?  Historically, the role of the second string offense has been to run out the string.  If Griffith is right, does that mean Smart leaves Fromm in a little longer than has been the case?  Or is Stetson Bennett about to be unleashed?



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  1. If we’re going to keep scoring, I think that clearly means Jake from State Fromm is going stay in games longer than we may like. What I really hope it means is that we aren’t going to go conservative in 2nd halves against quality opponents to allow them to hang around.


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      You tend to make really good, thoughtful posts, but I’m not sure where you get the ‘go conservative in the 2d half’ comment. I just watched last years Vandy game last night and the first quarter was ho-hum conservative, and we ended up with 21 points, and then scored 20 more points in the second half. Same thing happened in Jax – turds were actually leading for a moment in the second half (and almost all of our first half points can be credited to the defense) and that ended well.

      Don’t get me wrong, I like when we score, and if Stetson gets in a game (which I hope he does) I’d like to see him have the full playbook open to him. That’s not so much because I want to run up the score, but mostly I want the coaches, fans and himself get to see what he can do in live action.


      • DDB, I’m speaking to the last 2 Alabama games. We went conservative with double-digit leads like we were just trying to hang on and play to our defense. By the time we needed to score additional points, it was too late to regain momentum. That was the intent of the comment.


      • Mayor

        Right. When Stetson Bennett gets in games they need to let him really play, not just hand the ball off, for the very reason you said plus preparation in case Jake gets injured.


  2. Paul

    We don’t really have a second string QB do we? We can’t afford to put Stetson in unless we have to. If he gets hurt, then what?


    • Stetson is going to play. He isn’t going to play meaningful snaps like Fields did last year, but when the game is well in hand and Kirby has decided it’s no longer worth the risk of having Jake in, Bennett will be in there with the 2nd and 3rd team offense. The question is whether Kirby will let him run the offense or just run zone read.


  3. Biggus Rickus

    I expect it to be pretty much the same, honestly, but we’ll see. Maybe they’ll let the second team try to do more once a game gets out of hand.


    • PDawg30577

      Letting the second team play without one hand tied behind their backs seems to be the best option. Hell, let them practice some trick plays and other crazy stuff at game speed. Not only is that getting those guys meaningful reps, it sure does make those mop-up minutes a lot more appealing for the fans.

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  4. dawgxian

    Obviously, score more points than the other guy but I’d rather RTDB to milk the clock and lessen chance of injury.


    • dawgtired

      I’m hoping that RTDB in the 4th qtr will equate into more than just milking the clock. We can score quick running it also. Throw enough to loosen up the box but if we can move the ball AND burn clock 🙂


  5. Charlottedawg

    Priorities for UGA offense in 2019
    1) score more points than the defense and special teams allow
    1a) don’t let Jake Fromm get hurt
    2) don’t let Jake Fromm get hurt
    3) don’t let Jake Fromm get hurt
    4) better yet if that great Wall of Georgia could not let anyone touch Fromm at all that’d be great
    5) don’t put Jake Fromm on punt coverage and risk his ACL

    We have no depth at QB.

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  6. Mick Jagger

    From all indications, Stetson is a fine player (Mayfield comparisons, scholly, etc.). I think he may do more than just “mop up”.


  7. Texas Dawg

    I have always felt like when the game is in hand and the 2nd string is put in, don’t pull in the horns. Those guys have busted their asses in practice just like the starters so let them do their thing. If they run up the score, so be it. People USUALLY don’t get upset if the 2nd string is still winging it late in the game. In addition, what if a starter gets hurt and one of those guys has to step up? I would rather him feel comfortable with the whole playbook that just the section where you run it up the middle or kneel down.

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    • Classic City Canine

      This! It has always driven me bonkers that we don’t let the second string get live reps of anything but running it up the middle to kill clock.


  8. Salty Dawg

    So, no putting in the 3rd string (whatever) at FL and letting them score? I’m in!


    • wallybuttsin

      Why would we let the 3rd string score against GT in 2002 and not let them score of UF every chance possible??? We want this every year!


  9. Jack Burton

    The WR depth would benefit greatly from some passing plays with a 3-4 TD lead.

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  10. Leggo5

    The only reason this philosophy change would occur is if Kirby believes better stats & efficiency ratings will impact UGA’s likelihood of making the Playoff. Is there any thought, among the staff, that we fell just short last year due to advanced stats? If so, that could result in the push for Defensive “havoc” and not taking the pedal off the gas on Offense.


    • 1smartdude

      I don’t think that’s it. The road to the playoffs for UGA is pretty clear. The amount of points they win by will be irrelevant. The philosophy change is because offenses are scoring more points. Scoring more points than the other team is how you win. Defense has ruled the SEC for years and while I belive defense is still played the best here in the south, offenses, along with rule changes, have evolved enough to make scoring lots of points, especially against elite teams, a requirement.


      • UGA’s road to the CFP is clear as long as they win the SEC, but if you want benefit of the doubt as a non-champion, you need to blow the doors off teams and not just win comfortably. Alabama would have absolutely been in last year as a non-champ because of the way they played throughout the season, for example. I would suspect Kirby knows that he has the depth now to not worry about injuries to 2nd teamers and can push further as he desires.


  11. doofusdawg

    Last year we had too many close games heading into the fourth quarter.
    Second string five stars want to make plays too… not just secure the win.
    Game time is the best practice time.
    Kirby evolving.


  12. WTS

    I wish we would keep the intensity going deep into the second half. Sometimes last year I felt like richt was calling into cheney with the “pack it in/play not to lose” second half with a lead approach.

    Expanding a lead attitude to come to benefit in those bama second halfs as well.


  13. MDDawg

    Don’t risk Fromm (or any other starters for that matter), but don’t hamstring the 2nd team either. Also, every time I think of Starbucks, this clip pops into my head:


  14. Macallanlover

    Definitely think we need to put more space between us and opponents before we go into “milking the clock” mode. And more importantly, let the 2nd/3rd team run the actually offense instead of handing the ball off against a stacked box. That does nothing to develop/reward the guys who deserve their chance to play football in a game setting, and not just be bashing helpless opponent. I get taking a knee and dive plays once the clock gets under 2 minutes or so, but UGA has never gotten this right, imo. And it has cost us both in critical games (2017 MNC game), and in perception many times over the decades.

    Kirby is right, you don’t run trick plays or keep starters in the game while pounding a defenseless team, but you shouldn’t be afraid to add points when you are around 50 or so. Hope he moves us into the 21st century this season, but does it in a non-arse holeish way. Saban handles this well and KS has emulated him in most other ways, let’s add this tactic in 2019

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  15. Jason

    Well assuming Fromm doesn’t get clobbered too much, I love the fact that there is no pressing five-star who Smart feels he need to get reps just to keep him and his family happy. Fromm was a good soldier, but I know there was no way he liked being subbed in an out of the games. The lack of continuity afforded Fromm, in my opinion, left points on the field. And in no game was that more evident than in the SECCG. I know the coaching staff was in a no-win situation there, but I look forward to Fromm being unequivocally, the Man.


  16. DawgPhan

    Like the senator said, it has never been the Georgia Way. Add to it that it certainly hasnt been Coach Smart’s way and you wonder how much will there will be to really stick to it. And what do you lose having to overcome that friction.


  17. Cojones

    There will be more HUNH plays this year (as announced) and this could occur even when we are ahead mucho. Let Stetson run HUNH after the scoring reflects a balanced team and we keep our RBs/WRs in longer to get stats that will eventually attract other commits to those positions in the future. Use higher scoring that can help place us in the selected 4 teams, for practice to give confidence early to backup QBs and others, plus use it to attract more 5-star QBs,WRs and RBs.

    It’s greedy time.


  18. Russ

    I’d be happy with pouring it on. I think it can become a habit that makes it easier to score when you have to. Throttling up and down on the offense doesn’t build consistency.


  19. The Saint of Virtue, Bobby Bowden, was quotes as saying it was not his job to hold the score down as he was pounding the crap out The College of Little Sisters of the Blind. Follow saint Bobby’s lead.


  20. McTyre

    As that 14th in 2018 scoring is 7th among Power5 schools, I’m not sure that more PPG in 2019 is a must. Elite D and ST and low turnover margin may be more determinative of our success in 2019. However, allowing reserves to score TDS by simply running our normal O isn’t RUTS. It’s building depth, limiting risk to elite starters, and rewarding practice effort of non-starters who may be tempted at some point by the portal. All for it!