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Viewing PSA

For those not making the journey to Nashville, here’s some new information that may be of interest:


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“It’s go time. The whole team knows that it’s go time.”

I know Solomon Kindley said it, but that quote makes me think of Izzy Mendelbaum.

Hope that’s not an omen.


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Easily my favorite contract guarantee provision of 2019:

Florida A&M at Central Florida, Aug. 29: Florida A&M’s guarantee will be reduced by $20,000 to $350,000 if FAMU’s band doesn’t attend and play at halftime, weather permitting. UCF has agreed to provide parking near the stadium for up to six buses and an equipment truck for the band.

Hells yeah!  And why not?


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“I think it’s an aberration.”

“It” being this:

… For the first time since 2006, every SEC football team has returned its head coach — perhaps as close as the notoriously demanding, overbearing and fickle conference can come to signaling some form of patience or contentedness.

Yet no one seems quite certain how 14 of the South’s most scrutinized men together achieved a measure of group job security, tenuous as it might be, found in no other Power Five conference this past off-season.

Well, this might have something to do with it.

Some said the big buyout costs tied to the league’s coaching contracts influenced decisions — as of April, according to a USA Today database, at least nine SEC head coaches had school buyouts exceeding $10 million.

Jimmy Sexton smiles knowingly.  There’s a limit, of course, as a former head coach explains.

“Most of them have such big buyouts, they may get an extra year to see if they can get it going,” Spurrier said. “But if you lose two or three years in a row, they’ve got plenty of money, and they’ll have to make changes. It’s as simple as that.”

Shoot, at some places, losing several years in a row isn’t a prerequisite to a coaching change.  All it takes is a little Saban envy.

Did I mention that Jimmy Sexton smiles knowingly?


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Charts? Nobody said there’d be charts!

The guys at Massey-Peabody unloaded a bunch of data yesterday and I thought I’d share some of it.

Note the projections for every SEC team on that list.  Advanced stats have been pretty consistently showing that the SEC is the toughest conference in the country this season.  Or, to put it another way,

All of which leads to this conclusion:


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On the road again…

If you’re wondering why the Georgia-Vanderbilt game is commanding this week’s highest ticket prices on the secondary market, this might explain some part of that.

It’ll be something when crowd noise causes Vandy’s offensive line to false start.


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A legacy of genius

A tale of two programs…

And that’s… Chantastic!


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